Dizziness, Neck Stress, Headaches, Osteopenia

“I learned about The Healing Codes from a coworker who received relief for a physical issue which highly trained medical professionals had not successfully healed. I did not have a MAJOR stress issue, but I did have headaches, neck stress and some occasional dizziness, and osteopenia. After four months of doing the exercises my headaches, neck stress, and dizziness were gone. My chiropractor commented that for the first time, she did not have to adjust my neck. After six months of using The Healing Codes self-treatments, I had a bone density test. My bone mass had increased 0.1. The nurse commented ‘it is rare for one’s bone mass to improve without taking the popular prescribed bone builder.’ My physical therapist was also able to see changes in me during a recent massage. He commented that the stress
level in my neck was way down from previous appointments. Perhaps the most beautiful success is that I see people and the world more positively. Seeing without stress and pain shows how the world can be changed for the better one person at a time, beginning with oneself. I am so pleased with my successes with The Healing Codes that I am sharing it with anyone who will listen.”
~~ D.C.