Bladder 1

Chronic Fatigue, Vaginitis,
Chronic Bladder Infections, Menstrual Pain,
Hypothyroidism and Depression

“I have worked with The Healing Codes techniques for three years now and have seen RADICAL changes in my body, my heart and my mind. I started the work because of chronic illness. My symptoms included chronic fatigue, vaginitis, chronic bladder infections, and severe pain with periods, hypothyroidism and depression. After the first session I was amazed at how changed I felt! Now I feel like a different person. I no longer struggle with food addiction issues, I’m not depressed and I have an overall sense of well being which is profound. I have been so impressed with the healing I have experienced; both inside and out, that I decided to become a coach myself. Last summer I started working with my mother, and have been giving her exercises ever since. My mother has suffered from depression all of her life.

She is now completely off of Lithium (for bi-polar disorder) and has even received some healing in her ear (which had been constantly full of fluid). She is happier now than I have seen her in my life. I’m so grateful to Alex, for his vision and for this work. It really works!!”
~~ Trish