Back Pain 1

Carpal Tunnel, Lower Back Pain and
Constant Headaches

“Because I saw great results as a client, I was determined to learn to do The Healing Codes for myself and those I cared about. I pay close attention to anything that I react to that doesn’t seem appropriate for the circumstances. I work at finding the picture that is the root cause, and then do an exercise to heal the picture so my body stops physically reacting. In doing this work over the past year, I have watched colds and flu disappear within minutes of doing an exercise, have given up wearing wrist braces for carpal tunnel syndrome and a belt for lower back pain and have discontinued taking medication for constant headaches. I work through challenges that I would have run from a year ago, and I have an overall sense of well-being that I never thought was possible. I also have hope, which is the greatest gift of all. I know my life will continue to get better when not too long ago, I wondered how I could go on another day.”
~~ T.R.