For the past 25 years I have been very involved in eating organic foods, doing yoga, exercising, plus any New Age thing that crossed my path. I was rarely physically sick, yet I had become even more emotionally fragile as time passed. I felt like I had had a complete nervous breakdown as my mother would have called it. Panic attacks and extreme anxiety were my constant companions. I almost felt like I was going crazy. It seemed like my mind was short circuiting. My system was tremendously overloaded and over reacting, and I had no way to fix it.

This fall I was diagnosed with ALS. I have Bulbar ALS and am unable to talk without slurring. I sound rather like a drunken, mentally disables person. Not being able to communicate is a great nuisance, to say the least.

A friend recommended the Healing Codes, and it seemed to make great sense. I have long sensed that my system was just completely out of whack and that I needed a reconfiguration. I have been working with a Certified Healing Codes Coach for the past two months or so. She has been so kind, so compassionate, so understanding, so helpful, so encouraging.

Already I am sleeping well every night, no small feat compared to the years before. The intensity of many memories I have carried around with me forever have faded or greatly diminished. I no longer feel like I am going to fall asleep at the wheel when I drive for long distances. That was a very annoying problem in the past. I no longer feel like I am a kid that never grew up. I have lost the sadness that has plagued me forever. A lot of the negative emotion that I directed toward my husband has left. In short, I feel like I have been rewired.

I still carry around a lot of guilt. I still experience panic attacks but notice that I can handle more stressful situations in a more normal way than I had been able to in recent years. My speech issues continue, but there may be some progress in that area. I have had days when I can speak quite normally for periods of time. The ALS is not progressing, which in and of itself is a good sign. I am hopeful that I will see more improvement in my voice and speech, but if not, I am OK with that. Somehow I think that when more pictures are healed, I will see a change for the better.

~~ L. Lett