What are The Healing Codes?

The Healing Codes, are a simple and powerful self-healing system and a form of energy medicine. (Dr.Oz said on the Oprah Show “…the next frontier in medicine is energy medicine…”).   They were discovered in 2001 by Alex Loyd, PhD, ND. Every time you use a Healing Code, it activates a physical function built into the body that consistently and predictably removes the #1 cause of illness and disease from the body . . . stress.  Read more about The Healing Codes…


Alex’s travel schedule for 2014

April 25-26, 2014 – Vienna, Austria

April 30-May 1, 2014 – Frankfurt, Germany

May 3-4, 2014 – Hamburg, Germany

May 9, 2014 – Zurich, Switzerland

This event will be translated into German

May 10, 2014 – Bern, Switzerland

July 5-6, 2014 – Stockholm, Sweden

The Stockholm event was live streamed in Finland.

July 12-13, 2014 – Munich area, Germany

Just in from Germany! Alex’s session near Munich was a huge success!

Sold out for months prior to the event. Two of our German coaches attended

and were a huge help to the organizers. On to Prague!!

Congratulations Alex – Your audience loves you so!

July 18-19, 2014 – Prague, Czech Republic

More info on Alex in Prague

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The Healing Codes Heart Issues

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The Healing Code Book

#1 National Bestseller and is currently being printed in more than 33 countries and 28 languages

El Código Curativo en español