Your Healing Codes Questions Answered!

Your Healing Codes Questions Answered!

June 2, 2011

Members – don’t forget the Thursday Night Open Forum Coaching call.

Every Thursday (tonight at 8:30 Eastern) there is an open Q&A with E. Thomas Costello, head of The Healing Codes Coaching program! You can ask any question related to The Healing Codes or The Healing Code book.

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  1. Tom mentioned in the June 2nd conference call that write-ins will no longer be answered on the live call because it takes away from the callers’ time and that there is a large back-log of them. He said that these questions and their answers will be posted on the web site instead.

    When will these be available to read?


    1. I believe he is working out the logistics of that. I will try to get a message to him before tonight’s call and perhaps he will address that.

    1. Did you register as a free member? You must be registered. As it says in the post – Not a member yet? It’s easy and it’s free. Click this link to register and remember – it’s free! Once you are a free member you will have access to many things, including the Thursday Q&A calls.

      If you are a member, on your Member page, scroll past the Cutting Edge section and you will see the Thursday Open Forum section. The link is there for the archives.

      1. Yes, I’m registered. I get taken to a page that says ‘you’re already registered to this level’, then nothing else on the page other than the menu and ads on the side. The existing members login is still showing on the page, that’s it. I can send you a screen shot if you like.

        1. Never mind, I found it. I had to click on ‘log in’ yet again.

          1. That is correct – you must login each time you want to see your private member page. You do not need to login to see the rest of the site, but the private member area requires a login each time. That’s what makes it private.

        2. No – you do not register each time – you login on the right side of the page. Only register ONCE – then login each time you come back to see your Member area.

      2. When you register, are you a member of everything to do with the Healing Codes ? or are there categories or levels that allow you into different areas ?

        1. You are a member of what you registered for. Right now the only area available to the pubic is the free Member area. There are other private areas to which you do not have access.

  2. Pleae fix the blue box that a member can log-in. There is only a partial box and it will not allow you to log-in.
    thank you,
    bonnie ellul

    1. You will need to be a bit more specific. The box on the front page where you can login is not blue. I have checked it in 3 browsers and it is all there (still not blue).

      1. I’ve tried a handful of times to login as an existing member. Everytime, I click on “existing member” it takes me to an incomplete-looking username and password box. Please see bonnie ellul’s comment of June 8, 2011 11:32am. The box isn’t blue on my screen but the areas to type in username and password are cut off. I’ve tried to just go ahead and type into the incomplete boxes and get returned the message : invalid username and/or password. Please help.

        1. You are trying to register again. You only register once. When you ARE registered you login by looking on the right side of the screen below Hope’s video on the front page and logging in with your username and password.

  3. During a recent Thursday Night Forum, Ellen Kratka mentioned that the reason there are two codes for each of the twelve categories in the Healing Codes Manual is that Dr. Loyd found that one of those two codes will energetically be a match for everyone. There was brief discussion that one could use the Truth Technique to figure out which of the two codes in each category was the one a person should use. I would like to confirm that this information is correct–that one of the two codes in each category is an effective code for each person and the other one is not effective (or not as effective) for that person. Because if this is true, I’m thinking of purchasing the Truth Technique to learn which of each of the two codes per category is “the one for me,” so as to avoid wasting time on the “ineffective” code in each category! Thanks—and by-the-way, I’m having tremendous results with the Healing Codes and also have done a lot of custom codes with a Healing Codes practitioner that have given me amazing results! After studying and trying about every healing modality out there over the past six years or more, the Healing Code technique is the only one that really works for everyone. It is just beyond words how much this has changed me and my family members. Thank you.

    1. Sorry it took so long to answer this – had to find the best and most comprehensive answer. Here is what I found –

      The two codes in the manual are as follows:
      This is the way Alex received this information – to do the two codes as stated in the manual.

      The way Tom Costello looks at it is that the first code opens you up – almost as if it is preparation – dealing with the outside levels of our resistance.
      Then the second code is a continuation of going deeper

  4. Any idea on when the June 2nd audio will be posted? It’s not up in the archives yet.

    1. The call will be posted when it’s audited for quality. There is no time frame for when calls are in the archives. They are there as soon as they can be there.

  5. Is there a place to listen to the previous Coaching episodes? Is there a recording that can be downloaded. Obviously everyone isn’t going to be able to tune in when you have your Thursday evening sessions, however, they would still be interested in learning as much as they can about the Healing Codes.

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