What’s Your Part?

What’s Your Part?

Recently I was working with a client who had just encountered the Healing Codes and didn’t know much about Energy Psychology.  After a couple of sessions they asked me if I had much experience with their issue.  I had but I answered them that my experience with their issue was not the key to their recovery.  I went on to say it was about our uncovering and changing the negative thoughts and beliefs in their heart.  But I didn’t have the feeling they were convinced.

I kept pondering this and the next day I realized that truly understanding the power of our feelings and thoughts to create our experience was essential to the outcome of the work.  The practitioner’s part in partnership with the receiver is to identify the issue and the order of addressing the problematic thoughts and feelings sourcing it.  The receiver’s part is …the visioning and feeling of their desired outcome while doing the codes.  They are thus aligning their inner power source with the desired energetic blueprint.  If we are doing a code while focusing on our problem or fear of not healing we are interfering with accomplishing our desired outcome.  (See Bruce Lipton’s book Biology of Belief for an explanation of the science behind this.)

I realize how deeply we have been programmed into taking a passive role in our society and that is very evident in the health arena.  But with the Healing Codes, the practitioner and client make up a team whose roles are both significant in creating the client’s desired outcome.  I believe this is a part of the image God had of us when we were “created in the image of God” as said in the Bible.  I believe we are budding creators and our work is about awakening to that capacity within us and developing it to our maximum.  And beyond ourselves, our world needs us envisioning that which is true and beautiful in the face of the fear and insecurity frequencies being broadcast.


June Timberlake, LMFT,

Healing Codes Charter Coach

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  1. Beautifully said. Our world needs us envisioning, imagining and living what is true in the face of fear and doubt. Until the Healing Codes came into my life I did not understand this truth. I thought I had to search out all the fears and somehow release them. My inner emotional world has shifted from fear and doubt to love and life since I began using the healing codes. What a blessed truth and the codes make it easy. I recommend the music that has been offered as the mind and body remember the feelings of Love at the first note. May we be eternally blessed for this beautiful method of deep healing that anyone can use.

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