What Are THC

What Are THC

What Are The Healing Codes

The Healing Codes (THC) consist of pointing the fingertips at 4 healing centers discovered by Dr. Loyd. You would do it in certain sequences for certain periods of time. You would do sessions 1 or more times per day for however long you are instructed to do them.

There are different ways to begin this very comprehensive program. One way is to start what we call ’12 Days to a Changed Life’ and another is to focus on the primary issue you are dealing with.

We use a prayer/request to state what we want, do the Codes, and focus on what we call a Truth Focus Statement and which you would consider somewhat like an affirmation. It is NOT an affirmation.

There are different Codes for a variety of circumstances as well as getting custom Codes from a coach.

While we have other products such as the Advanced Training and the Success Codes, all you need is the THC package. There are no other costs, although you can buy coaching or the other products.

We don’t have time to have individual conversations with people considering The Healing Codes. We have tried to be very expressive with the website and the teleseminars and the testimonials. Finally, we have a 90 day money back guarantee for the purchase price of the package.