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  1. Fabulous job on the website! It allows for a great dialogue and interchange between our healing codes family. I agree with Diane about the Q Code – they are like super charging your healing codes experience.

  2. I love the Q Codes because it’s a lot quicker to use. I do Q Codes for other people, and it allows me to help a lot more people because it doesn’t take as long.

    The Truth Technique is also wonderful because it allows me to know, for instance, which supplement is right for me to take at any particular time. (I do it discreetly at the store, too, so I know which brand would be better for me.) I know people who use other kinds of applied kinesiolgy (muscle testing) and the extra “filters” in the Truth Technique make it more effective.

  3. how would you describe your product the q codes….. are they more gestures like the gestures on page… 221-223 in the healing code book?

    and how would you describe the truth technique in comparison?

    thank you so much for your time and attention.

    1. Thank you for asking, Jennifer.

      The Truth Technique is not a healing tool like the Healing Codes or the Healing Codes + Q Codes. It is more of an information accessing tool. This describes it well:

      The Truth Technique is a bio-energetic testing procedure that allows you to access 99% of your inner wisdom easily, and accurately. This type of testing is taught in universities all over the world, and is growing and spreading like wildfire. You may have heard of it – it is often called “muscle testing” or “Bio-energetic Testing.”

      The Q Codes are a booster for The Healing Codes. You cannot do them without The Healing Codes package or the Code from the book, The Healing Code. The hand positions are not Codes as they are in the Healing Codes Manual which is the source of the complete sets of Healing Codes for the 12 Days to a Changed Life. The hand positions in the Q Codes are for amplifying the power of the Healing Codes.

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