Thursday Open Forum Coaching – August 11

Thursday Open Forum Coaching – August 11

We are continuing with the new format for the Thursday Night Open Forum Coaching call with E. Thomas Costello, head of The Healing Codes coaching program.

This Open Forum Coaching call is at 8:30PM Eastern Time and is scheduled for 1 hour but ALWAYS lasts longer. Tom tries to answer every question!

You have the chance to listen over your computer so you don’t have to make a long distance phone call. This format also lets you key your Healing Codes questions into a question box for Tom to answer on the call. Of course, if you want to dial in and listen over the phone, you can still do that!

If you are a Member, you will get an e-mail with the dial in AND web ‘listen in’ information. It is also on your Member page.

If you are not a Member, go ahead and join so you can take part in this experiment too. More and more people are listening and participating via the web. Register here for free and join Tom Thursday night to ask your questions.

Remember, we have a new phone number! Watch for that on the Member page and in your e-mail.

Hope to see you tonight!

Remember – THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO ASK QUESTIONS! Ask them on the call. Questions asked as comments here will not be answered. Thanks


  1. I would like to listen to the August 11 Open Forum. I don’t see it in the archives. Will it be posted soon?

    1. It is there now. Please remember that the call is over very late here (Eastern time). Then the call is downloaded, edited, split into two recordings and finally uploaded. This takes time so please be patient. It is ‘usually’ up by Friday late afternoon but storms in the area added time to this week. We do put the call up just as soon as possible.

  2. Is the call available online to listen to later? I had to leave before it was over and would like to listen to the end of it that I missed.

    1. The call is in the archives – login and you will go to your Member page. Scroll down until you see the Thursday Open Forum area and you will find a link to the archives there.

  3. I’m trying to find where I can type questions for Thursday night calls (it’s the middle of the night for me)

    1. When you login you will go automatically to the Member page. If you get out of that page and want to get back, hover over Clients on the menu bar and then click on Members in the drop down menu.

    1. You login on the front page of the site – once you login you will go to the Member page where you will find the information

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