The Healing Codes – What, Why, Who?

The Healing Codes – What, Why, Who?

Today what we’re talking about is how to find the source, the SOURCE of any problem.  That’s a level down from the problem.  It’s the source of that problem.  I call this the what, the why and the who.

The WHAT is the thing we think is the problem.  “I’m not making enough money.”  “My relationship with so and so is not what I want it to be.”  “I have this health problem.”  It’s our circumstances.  It’s what is going on right now that is bothering me or not what I want it to be.  That’s the what.

The WHY is how to find the real problem.  There is always a why under the what.

Now, let’s talk about the WHO.  Just like there’s always a WHY under any problem that you have in your life, I call that the WHAT, there is almost 100% of the time a WHO that is under the why problem.  Let me explain that.  It’s an identity issue.  Almost 100% of the time the source of our problems, the source of the why you’re doing what you’re doing or why you’re not doing what you’re not doing, the source of the health issue that you identify, “Yeah, I’ve got some anger toward my mother or I have some self-worth issues.”  You can just take to the bank that there’s going to be an identity issue connected to the why.

The identity issues tend to break down under two categories.  One is significance and one is security.  Those are the two pillar issues of all heart issues; significance and security.  Security would be “Am I safe?”  That would include your circumstances and finances and people in your circumstances.  That would include the issue of rejection which is a huge issue to so many people.  Or, on the other hand, total unconditional acceptance which is what we’re all searching for.  The overriding issue there is  “Am I safe?”

The other category is significance.  Under significance you would have “Am I good or am I bad?”  “Am I of worth or not as valuable as other people?”  “Am I better than other people?”  Is that the game I’m playing?  “I’m worse than this guy, but better than this guy.”  Those are all rooted in an identity problem.

To fix the problems of our life, which I call the WHAT, to fix the reason for those problems, which I call the WHY, the real problem, the first event in my line of anger issue, the first event in my line of sadness or depression problems, the first event in my unforgiveness tendency, in order to heal those totally and completely and forever you have to heal the WHO.  You have to heal the issues of your own identity and that you’re not better, you’re not worse, you are just as valuable as everybody else.  You are wonderfully and fearfully made.  You can do anything that you want to do if you get these unconscious and subconscious beliefs right.  You are safe and secure, maybe not in your circumstances, but on the inside.  That’s where the only real security comes from is in the heart, on the inside.

That’s what we’re all about is helping people heal these identity issues, the WHYs of why we do what we do and the things that are going on in our life.

Today is the WHAT, the WHY, and the WHO.  The WHAT is your problem that you are concerned about.  The WHY are the memories and pictures in your heart and your conscious mind that are supporting that problem and the WHO is the absolute reason for the WHY problem. “I’m doing these things that are not what I want.  I’m feeling what I don’t want to feel.  I’m believing what I don’t want to believe because I’ve got an identity problem.”

You can just take to the bank that if you’re feeling fear, anger, anxiety, stress, worry that is more than just a little bit, if you’re having significant health problems that are unexplainable, you most likely have an identity problem that needs to be healed.  You are believing yourself inferior or superior.  You are believing that you are not safe because of past programming that has a lie in it.  You have to heal your WHO.

Those memories that make up your identity are made of energy and energy medicine like The Healing Codes is the best mechanical way I’ve ever seen to heal those and often can do it in a matter of minutes or days or weeks where other things you are working on it for decades and then you still don’t heal it.

I have to say here that the best way to heal this, bar none, and this is always my first way is to pray to God and ask God in prayer for healing.  That’s my number one.  After that, if we’re going to use mechanistic principles that are in the physical universe you need to do The Healing Codes to heal that WHO.  It does work.