The Healing Codes for Others

The Healing Codes for Others

People  often ask about doing The Healing Codes for others.  Here’s a question we get frequently:

If I were to apply the codes to a friend who may be skeptical, would they manifest the healing? Any suggestion relative to this particular topic would be appreciated.

Our own E. Thomas Costello, head of The Healing Codes practitioner program,  answered this brilliantly.  Here is his reply –

Good question. You would be a better judge than I would but let’s try this:

1.  If you wanted to deliver a gift to a friend but the friend refused to open the door to receive it, what would happen?
2.  If your friend wanted so much “to be right” in their skepticism, they could block your efforts on their behalf.
3.  If your friend’s skepticism is based in a fear of being disappointed so they don’t commit themselves to a course of action, on a higher level they would still be open to getting the gift, just not working for it themselves.

You benefit from giving the gift from a place of love, not control, not salesmanship, not overriding their will, but from love. As this high vibration energy is offered by you it is replenished in you. In my opinion, we are not the source of this energy, but rather than conduits of this energy. That is a great role.

See if you can give up any need to be right that can get activated by the friend’s resistance.

Nothing melts ice better than warmth. Nothing melts skepticism better than acceptance, compassion and love and non-attachment to the outcome.

I hope that helps.

And we sincerely hope this helps you too.


  1. My wonderful, lively son became a quadriplegic 4 years ago, paralyzed from the shoulders down. This has touched every level of our lives, every member of our family. I am still reading The Healing Codes, getting ready to try them on myself and fighting my own fear of failure.

    Has anyone had success with healing paralysis? This is a heart that seems broken, and a daunting task for someone as inexperienced as I.

    1. I know of no one who has healed quadraplegia using the Healing Codes. As the Codes are for the reduction of stress, we recognize that the body can do amazing healing when no longer impeded with stress. Your son’s (and your own) interpretation of what happened, why it happened, etc., can be re-interpreted to the most empowering, least disempowering form using the Codes. I would suggest that coming to terms with “what is” is essential to his overall improvement.

  2. Thomas,

    Thank you very much for the beautiful and powerful explanation. Thank you. After I use the Healing Codes on myself, I want to use them on my sister, who suffers from an assortment of maladies. She is 4 1/2 years younger than I am (58 years young) and she has already had two hip replacements and now needs to knee replacements, and claims she has numerous problems and mainly believes in mainstream, prescription medicine. In fact, she has her own pain doctor. I have been searching for years for something that will help her. Every product we have given her to try, caused a horrible cleansing effect on her, due to the many prescription drugs she has had over the years.

    I am looking forward to great success for me and then sharing that with my sister.

    Thank you for your loving explanation.

    Robin 😉

  3. Well Said, thank you I do the codes all the time for my friends and family members without them knowing. And i can see a diff in them. Thank you and may God Bless you.

  4. I love that reply Tom. That may be the best I have ever heard that question answered. Thank you for making it very clear for us all.

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