The Cutting Edge – Compromise, God’s way!

The Cutting Edge – Compromise, God’s way!

January 24, 2012

The Cutting Edge, At the Heart of Health will be on Wednesday at 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern.

Dr. Loyd will speak to us about ‘ Compromise, God’s way!’

You don’t want to miss this. And you will have the opportunity to get a custom code from JoHanna Chan, a Certified Healing Codes practitioner.

If you are registered for the free Membership, you will get an e-mail with the dial in details and you can also find that information in your Member area. If you are a free Member you will have the ability to listen over the web – right on your own computer through your speakers without the need to dial in!! So if you’ve wanted to listen without having to use your phone, this is your chance.

Watch your mail or check the Member page the phone number!

If you are NOT yet registered (remember, registration is free), you can register easily by clicking on this Membership Registration link. You will also see many of the other benefits of free registration.


  1. I wanted to listen in on today’s teleconference at 12:00 MT but was unable to access the site. Would someone help me out here? I didn’t get an e-mail so I’m wondering if there’s a delay between the registration and being able to listen in. Thanks, Mary Anne.

    1. Don’t know what you mean by delay but there is no delay on this end. E-mails went out last night and this morning with the dial in information so you might want to check your junk folder. The call will be in the Members’ archive later today.

  2. it’s wednesday a little past 2pm EST and I just can’t access the Cutting Edge from anywhere on the site. Can you help?
    Don Desmarais

    1. It is happening and available by phone or internet. The call will be in the archives later today

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