Mystery Healings by: Debra Lordan



Article from the Maui Weekly:
Mystery Healings by: Debra Lordan
Massage therapist Laura Monaco was skeptical of a new healing breakthrough that was presented last week in Kihei. But then strange things started to happen.

What would you think if you could spend the price of about two months, worth of health insurance for a workbook and CDs that could teach you how to heal yourself? Skeptical? So was Laura Monaco. "I started out being a little skeptical. But I know from my 17 years as a homeopath and 18 years as a practitioner of energy work, that energy is a powerful tool. But I haven't used these techniques for healing major diseases like diabetes and cancer, only for treating their symptoms. So when I read the Maui Weekly article ("Healing
Breakthrough", July 1-7) about what Dr. Lloyd claimed he had discovered, I ripped it out of the paper and knew I had to go.

"I went and listened and bought the Healing Codes workbook and CDs," says Monaco. The Healing Codes is a system developed by Dr. Alex Lloyd that melts stress, enabling the body to heal itself. "I stayed up until 2 a.m. studying the techniques. I wanted to see, especially, if this was something I could give to my mother, so she could do it on her own."

After studying, Monaco thought this was too sophisticated for the layperson, and called Lloyd to get a refund. He told her to keep it and try it out on others, and if she still was not satisfied, he would reimburse her.
'so later that day, I used the technique on someone for an emotional issue and it really helped her. After
treatment, I asked her to rate her emotional pain on a scale between 0 and 10 and she said "I don't even remember it.." Then I coached her to use the technique on me. Three days later I still feel its softening effects on my emotions.

"Later that day, I used these techniques on several more people, all with the same positive results. It really
works. So I called back Dr. Lloyd and signed up for his training course. I know this is a powerful tool and I want it in my skill-set. The body's four healing centers that they teach about are awesome, very powerful. I never would have thought to use these centers."

So far Monaco has used it to heal emotional issues, and is looking forward to treating actual diseases, not just
their symptoms. - As the doctors pointed out, stress is the No. 1 cause of disease. Monaco concurs. So does the Centers for Disease Control. If mainstream America becomes more aware that it is stress that allows disease to take hold in the body, stress-relieving and disease-healing techniques like Lloyd's may become mainstream as well.

Monaco said, 'they [the doctors] are very courageous to step out and bring this innovation in energy work to the public."

Dr. Ben Johnson cured himself of Lou Gehrig's disease using Lloyd's techniques, and now travels with him as a
proponent and living example of this healing technology's power. The doctors spoke of energy frequencies in the body, and how stress can even affect the body on a cellular level, opening the door to disease. The Healing Codes sets up "good vibrations" that make cells impervious to damage and disease. This may seem out-there to some. But practitioners of energy-work, like Monaco - have long known the power of the body's energy centers.

Lloyd likened his discovery to the invention of the cell phone. "If you described a cell phone to someone a hundred years ago, they would have thought you were crazy!" This discovery just may be such a thing so far ahead of its time, and so radical in its methods compared to traditional Western medicine, that it seems impossible... like a miracle. But Lloyd's workbook and CDs, a one-time expense, are all you may ever need to get healthy and stay that way.
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