Contacts, Chronic Pain,
Insect Bite Reaction



"The contacts I wear are supposed to come out once a week for at least 4 hours. This is a big improvement over taking them out daily although taking them out is not a big problem. For me the big issue has been putting them in. There have been times when I would try and try and eventually have to give up and try again later. Of course until I succeeded I couldn't see to read. There were many times when I would spend half a day trying to get my contacts in and one terrible day that I spent eight hours trying without success. I wasn't willing to give up on contacts, but every week putting them back in was an experience I dreaded. A short time after starting to do The Healing Codes I was astonished when both contacts went in on the first try. I realized immediately that it had to be a result of doing the exercises although it was not something I had consciously worked on and probably would not have thought of The Healing Codes as being something that would fix this problem. It was a total surprise and what a relief! I realize that is the way contacts are supposed to work, but for me they always stuck to my finger rather than the eye.

"I have had chronic pain for years and consequently have taken all of the OTC pain remedies as well as many different prescription drugs. At the time I started to do The Healing Codes, I was consuming OTC pain remedies (Tylenol in particular) like they were M&M's, taking more and oftener than recommended as well as mixing in Ibuprofen and others. I was aware of possible problems but when in pain I simply shut my mind to the possibility. Pain was my major presenting problem. I cannot say yet that I am pain free although I have had several pain-free days. There has been one major and unexpected change. I'm
not sure how long I had been doing the exercises when I realized that I had stopped taking all pain medication. I had not given any thought nor intended to do that. Somehow it just happened and had been that way for some time before I even consciously noticed. Taking something for pain just doesn't occur to me any more. It's as if that decision has been made and does not need to be reconsidered. I have effortlessly eliminated the ingestion of toxic substances which I feel sure will speed up my healing. It makes total sense although not something I would have thought of without The Healing Codes doing it for me. I'm sure my original thinking was more like I'll take something for pain until the pain stops.

"All my life I have had a severe reaction to insect bites ranging from giant welts and extreme itching from a mosquito bite to total body swelling from something like a wasp, hornet, or bee necessitating a trip to the emergency room for treatment because of the possibility that my throat would swell shut and cut off my ability to breathe. The unbearable result of any bite was always the itching. No matter what bit me the itching would start immediately and would continue unless I went to get shots. Some time ago I discovered a homeopathic remedy that really did alleviate this. However recently I contracted a bite on the top of my foot that caused a welt and itching as bad or worse than anything I had previously encountered. My homeopathic remedy was not working; I could not stop scratching; I was desperate and frantic to make it stop. I decided to do the exercises from the Immune category requesting in my prayer that all the healing energy from the treatment be focused on stopping the itching from that bite. Within a few minutes I suddenly realized that it had stopped although I could not say exactly when that happened. It was strange that it had stopped so completely that I almost could not remember that there had been itching. One other unusual effect was that although bites (on me at least) itch off and on for a long time; even if I could stop it, something would set it off again - this particular bite never itched
~~ Donna Schwenke



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