Breast Cancer



"I was diagnosed 11 months ago with breast cancer for the second time. I started The Healing Codes right after diagnosis, and today I am 98% healed from live cancer cells.

"To start at the beginning, eight years ago I was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer, and I had a double mastectomy and did every form of chemical treatment. I was supposedly healed by these treatments, but I knew had cancer because of my emotions, and the chemo didn't touch them at all. The chances of the cancer coming back were about 6% which is nothing, but apparently the chemo did not work.

"So this time I am concentrating on the emotional side. I went to Dr. Alex, and he said, "Just do The Healing Codes and don't ask any questions!" (Dr. Loyd knew how Jeff and I have to know exactly why we do something and how it works.) The next morning, I was lying in bed and working on some issues with The Healing Codes like Dr. Alex had showed me. I had no idea what I was doing, but I did it anyway, and I felt this unbelievable breathing through my chest. I was always a shallow breather, and this was the first time in at least 15 years that I took a breath and felt it go all the way through my chest. I could never take a deep breath, in spite of the fact that I taught aerobics for 14 years and was in really good shape. This breathing problem was a huge issue in my life, but within 24 hours The Healing Codes released some emotional issues that let me breathe all the way through. I felt like a little kid - it was just the most unbelievable thing. Even my children were saying, "You're so giddy!" " I called Jeff because he was out of town, and the first thing he said when he returned from his trip was, "Let me hear you breathe."

"I believe that when the breathing problem healed, it was the start of healing my cancer. I felt better than I had EVER felt! Now 10 or 11 months later the tests show the cancer is 98% healed from a physical standpoint, and I feel good. For a number of months I went though some significant physical pain but for the last three weeks have been pretty much pain free. I had a number of healing responses as toxins were coming out of my body, but I plowed on through and just dealt with it. I prayed a lot!

"I don't know anyone else who goes as far with natural foods, exercise, etc., but the reason I was in this situation was emotional. The Healing Codes freed me from all the emotional baggage that I didn't know I had. A holistic chiropractor I had seen for years was shocked when I was diagnosed with cancer again. From his standpoint there was not one organ down, there was no switching - I didn't have any physical problems! He knew that emotionally there must be something going on, so he sent me for hypnotherapy, but that just wasn't my thing. With The Healing Codes it's really cool--you can do it anytime you want to through the day. You don't have to set an appointment or go anywhere. You are healing yourself and it's really great!

"I've learned so much through the first and second cancers. God is so amazing and strong, and if you give him your heart he can do anything. Cancer is nothing. I thought my life was close to perfect, but I didn't know how to handle stress. The Healing Codes helped me give things to God to be healed."
~~ Jill



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