Advanced Training Testimonials



"Healing Codes (Advanced) - excellent, informative seeing a deeper workings of the codes. Great!"

"Very profound. Lots of work ahead, hope I'm up to the task. Definitely want video, too many physical reactions and alot of material to absorb. Wish you had seminar in written form (my learning style) for review. With love and thanks,  ~~Paula M. Black".

"Thank you so much for bringing this work forward. I think it's great work and very needed. I will personally do the Healing Codes and report back. Thanks ~~ EIeanor W. Chin".

"This seminar is excellent. I am using it and it has helped my son with respiratory problems. I am using it for the Kindness virtue which meets a physical problem I have. ~~ Barbara Taylor."

"Dr. Alexander Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson were the keynote speakers at our annual Scholars' Reunion this past year. They taught everyone The Healing Codes, did pre- and post-session HRV tests to show the effectiveness of the treatments, and taught The Healing Codes Advanced Training material. Of the 50 people who were at the conference, there were only two who were not in HRV balance after one Healing Code treatment. Six of these same people retested 24 hours later, and all 6 were still in HRV balance with no additional treatment. I don't think it's any coincidence thatwhen asked at the end of the conference to raise their hands if they had experienced physical or nonphysical healing over the weekend as a result of doing The Healing Codes"all 50 people raised their hands. There were participants with major diseases, some in great health, and just about everything in between. The Healing Codes worked for everyone. The Advanced Training material was awesome. We have been having these conferences for years, and a number of people said that this was the most powerful event they had ever experienced."
~~ Bill McGrane, President
McGrane Institute, Inc.

"I'm a professional speaker and the co-author of the Woman's book from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. I just spent the day with Dr. Alex Loyd doing The Healing Codes Advanced Training program. Alex is absolutely dedicated to this knowledge of The Healing Codes. I think it's a cutting edge technology that he has developed and is teaching. I've heard so many people with fantastic, fantastic results. He comes to this program with a fully open heart, with clarity, with authenticity. I am going away inspired to apply The Healing Codes to my own life and to see the great results that I've heard from so many others."
~~ Marcy Shimoff
Co-Author Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

"I derived wonderful benefits from taking the Healing Codes Advanced Training. Dr. Loyd gives a thousand percent of himself in the Training. The Advanced Training has allowed me to deepen the benefits from the Healing Codes on a whole new and exciting level. I experience an easier and a richer access to my intuition and creative self. The Truth Technique is so profoundly effective that I cannot imagine operating without it at this point in time. I find that I am self-nurturing in a way that I never knew before. I feel more complete, whole and connected to God/Source. Truly, the rewards have exceeded my preconceived ideas or expectations of how I would experience the material in the seminar. I hope everyone who has been working with The Healing Codes will make the opportunity to accelerate the realization of their inner potential by taking the Advanced Training!"
~~ Suzie

"The Advanced Training was very profound. I see lots of work ahead using what I learned. I definitely want the video and a manual, because there is a lot of material to absorb."
~~ Paula

"I think your new way of testing that you teach in the Advanced Training is SLICK! In the work that I do, I have never felt that I could really help anyone unless I confirmed everything with some sort of testing, and using a pendulum just always seemed too strange. Maybe your Truth Technique is strange to those who have never heard of Applied Kinesiology and energy-related protocols, but it is far more acceptable than swinging something! It works! I am having OUTSTANDING success with it. I just need a little more practice, and a little more confidence. Further, I LOVE the built-in technique for avoiding reversal with the other hand. Correcting for reversal using the Brain-Gym technique of P.A.C.E. is time-consuming and far less efficient.
"Before I began The Healing Codes, I was on the AIM program. Friends gifted me with the program three years ago, and at the time my life force was down to one. Every time I went off the program I became bedfast again. But when I went off this last time, I immediately began The Healing Codes, and NOW (even though I feel rotten from the detoxing) I am, for the first time since 1991, maintaining on my own without the AIM computer! And the last exercises you gave me calmed my heart with regard to my going to the dentist. Now when I think about it, I have a slight heart tingle, but no terror and no constant adrenaline rushes! Isn't that just amazing! (Probably not to YOU!)
"Thanks for 'being,'' and thanks for your perseverance and your devotion and commitment to your wife that kept you searching for answers, that gave you an "ear to hear." Because of that, I am being born again, I am getting my prayers answered, too, one of which was, "Please, just give me a chance." I have to work out a way to become a practitioner and perhaps a coach. Wow. I finally have the courage to dream again . . ."
~~ Katherine

"I have used muscle testing on others for more than 15 years but never really felt comfortable muscle testing myself until I learned the Truth Technique last year. I find it amazingly simple to test for what vitamins and minerals I need, whether certain foods are affecting me, as well as hundreds of other applications. Once you begin muscle testing yourself and find out how well it works, you'll use it for ANYTHING you need to make a decision about."
~~ Sandi

"Before I use the Truth Technique, I make sure that I am feeling well, hydrated, rested, fed, and mentally and spiritually present. When one or more of these conditions is not met, I experience a lot of reversals. This also leads to lack of discernment and wisdom in interpreting information received and given. Because I believe in the value of the Truth Technique and experienced dramatic healing personally, as well as witnessed healings in others, I discipline myself daily to be healthy. My immune system is stronger! I have more energy! I set healthier boundaries! I relate to people with a deeper sense of wholeness in my mind, body and spirit! I have learned not to abuse muscle testing, that is, I developed discernment and integrated it into my natural senses (taste, hearing, smell, etc.) instead of relying on it exclusively. The Truth Technique has changed my life for the better, and I live more abundantly. As my folks say, what a bless'n!"
~~ Marita

"I frequently use the Truth Technique in restaurants I am unfamiliar with or when I am not sure what to choose off the menu. My approach is to test using a statement such as "The dish that I will be happier with is __(the name of the dish). I do this with any number of menu items that I am considering. I find it very effective. I also use the Truth Technique when I am trying to decide which golf club to use on a particular shot. If I have no doubt, I pick the club straightaway. If I have uncertainty, I use the Truth Technique."
~~ Tom

"I have been using the Truth Technique for testing major decisions. For example, when we were discussing whether to get a new puppy I tested the statement "This a good time for us to have a dog." The answer was "Yes". When I was thinking of leaving my part time teaching position to have more free time to do presentations, I tested for the decision. This week I tested before I told a science teacher colleague about The Healing Codes. I went on to tell him about The Healing Codes and find the right Code for him for his fractured ribs. He actually did the Code in the restaurant where we were having lunch and was amazed at how good it felt. He's not so skeptical anymore. The last couple of days I have been listening to a Greg Braden tape in the car, and some of the things he has said have seemed a bit far out. I used the Truth Technique, and it confirmed that what he was saying is the truth. When I did a couple of stress management presentations two weeks ago, I tested which exercises I should offer. Both presentations went very well and the exercises were well received."
~~ Lorna

"Super great training."
~~ Barbara

"I would like to tell you about a few things that I have been using the Truth Technique for. Last week, I misplaced some very important business papers. An aspect of my business came to a screeching halt for 2 days because of it. My last memory of the papers was seeing them on my desk toward the end of the day. The next day, they were nowhere to be found, although I searched continuously through everything imaginable. It finally occurred to me to use the Truth Technique to narrow it down. I tested room by room and then each area of my office, down to a rolling file cart. I had already looked through there many times but continued anyway and narrowed it down to which file. I found the papers tucked neatly between some slightly bigger papers. They had been picked up mistakenly and paper clipped together.
"Another thing that I have gotten in the habit of doing is testing for the best use of my time. I have ended many days feeling frustrated because of important things being left undone. I started making a list of all the things that I felt torn between doing. I test the priority, follow it, and know that I have made the best use of my time, which gives me a sense of peace about my day. I walk daily and usually enjoy listening to something educational or motivational during that time. I have a large library of books and recordings. I use the Truth Technique to determine if there is a particular topic that would be beneficial at that time, and then I narrow it down to which CD or side of a cassette. I have stopped being amazed by the number of times that it correlates directly to something that I have been working on or provides information that I wanted or needed. A perfect example happened a few days ago. I had been feeling a little intimidated by someone that I was going to be talking with. First I found a picture and did a Healing Code for it, thinking that would be the end of that. Later when I was preparing for my walk, I tested for something to listen to. That CD contained the perfect explanation of some information that enabled me to feel confident about the call. By the end of the day, I had a total shift of attitude and looked forward to the call.
"One more thing that has been very exciting is to realize that I don't have to get sick just because everyone else is or says I will. When I feel the slightest indication of a cold/flu etc. coming on, or feel the FEAR of getting sick taking over, I do a Code and then test for the foods, supplements and hours of sleep needed to help in remaining healthy. I rarely get sick and find that if I do, it is generally pretty mild."
~~ Teri

"I have used the Truth Technique to determine that I do not need to take certain vitamin supplements, and to test if I if was the best interest of my body to eat certain food items. Actually this has saved me money and I feel wonderful. I continue to be so impressed with how the Truth Technique helps find memory pictures that are not easily identified."
~~ Dee

"The Truth Technique can be invaluable to parents in solving the age old "Who did it?" question. Most kids already suspect parents have eyes in the back of their head. With this testing, parents can give the illusion that they can read their minds as well. How valuable would this be to parents? The wrong child would never be punished."
~~ Sandi

"This technique has been the easiest way of getting to the truth. I use it in working with my clients to develop their protocols; to decide what food to eat; what route to take to work; how many capsules to take each day (the body doesn't always need the same thing in the same amounts). I use it to make personal decisions on what to wear, etc. I even use it to get the timing on my perms. Because my hair is individual, I ask my body how many minutes to leave the solution on. It is always different from what the box says.
"Because I've had major illnesses -- like dying from a heart attack at the age of 37, Breast Cancer, and Systemic Lupus (which the doctors said was incurable, and I'd have to be on steroids for the rest of my life) -- I had to find a better way of getting to the truth (in addition to prayer). I trust my body to give me the answers for what is in my best and highest good now."
~~ Elaine

"I use the Truth Technique daily working with my patients and in my own life. Aside from doing The Healing Codes, I work fairly closely with a homeopathic practitioner to confirm and/or help in the decision process of which homeopathics should be given, the dosage etc. The technique has proven to be consistently correct."
~~ Toni

"I am so grateful to learn about the Truth Technique testing. What a wonderful set of tools for use in our lifetime and to pass on to our children and other people. I feel it will help people create better lives and a better world through them. I have given thought to contributing good in place of the old, and it"s very good to know a way to now do that. I can't wait for your book to come out and to take time to really study this material."
~~ Mary

"The Advanced Training has helped me to understand the whole picture better. The Healing Codes concept is meshed together more, rather than just piece by piece or step by step. I am a very slow learner, so it takes a long time to comprehend it all. I've been using The Healing Codes for over a year, and each time I hear Alex I learn so much more. Thanks for the information."
~~ Gayle

"It was great to get another focus, and it was just right. The Truth Technique has made my life so much simpler. It is more accurate and user friendly than what I have used for many years. I really pondered the financial outlay, but it has so improved things, so what can I say? One thing I use it for when I remember is to test if the information I hear is correct. It is particularly interesting in regard to the news. Life has not been the same for me since I have started using the Healing Codes. It is a big part of my self-sufficiency plan I have been rebuilding. Thanks so much for your wonderful care and help."
~~ Marion

"I have had to take many supplements and homeopathics for several years. Recently, I've been feeling less and less of a need to take them. I started testing using the Truth Technique and have found that most of the time I don't need them, which saves me a lot of time and money! On those days when I test that I do need them, I take them and find that they help me throughout the day. I also use the Truth Technique often when I'm leaving the house to go on a trip or for a performance or other engagement to see if I have everything I need. I've gotten a "No" more than once and then tested through things I may have forgotten. Several times I've realized by testing that I'd almost forgotten a key item I needed! I find myself testing for many small things throughout the day, as well. And recently, I've used it to determine whether it would be good for me to engage in activities or to rest, which has been helpful as well, as I tend to overdo things. This way I know I'm getting enough rest and a good balance of rest and activity."
~~ Lorrie

Anonymous Advanced Training Seminar Participants:

"I feel like my time spent today [in the Advanced Training] was priceless!"

"Very helpful, and I enjoyed it. I can see your "heart" - very good."

"This has been an exceptional day of learning -- my wheels are spinning so fast."

"The Healing Codes Advanced Training " excellent and informative. Seeing the deeper workings of the Code was great!"

"I'm somewhat at a loss for words -- so much thought provoking information. I have been involved in a spiritual direction program at my church for the past 13 months and I feel this dovetails so completely into how I am growing in my faith and my relationship with God and Jesus. I am overcome and ready to jump in and practice the Truth Technique."

"Great Job! I"m anxious and excited to learn more!"

"I think your seminar is valuable and even revolutionary."

"I am really excited about learning how to test on my own. I think this will improve my Healing Codes work. It will also help me to know which supplements to take, which could save money as well as keeping my liver from being overworked."

"Truth Technique: I never saw this before, and I think its very valuable. I'm anxious to use this on my family and myself."

"Memory Maker: I have never even thought about having to replace the destructive memories with "good memories". This makes a lot of sense."

"Seven Secrets: I am amazed about how this brings the principles of the Bible to life. Now I understand why there are conflicts of the heart and head and why we seek things that make us feel good."

"There is a whole lot of information. I know that it will take a while to absorb all of it. I received a lot of hope today."




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