Welcome to the Success Issues Finder! 

We believe this may be the most important 10 minutes you

have spent in a long time. 


Because self-awareness is power!

In this case, it is awareness of the areas which contain beliefs that are acting as barriers to your success progression.

Take the Success Issues Finder! 

The Success Issues Finder takes about 10 minutes. 

You receive about 10 to 12 pages of in-depth results.  

Your results include a scored assessment of every major success area in your life.   

For now, it’s FREE ($99 value).  

You may want to take the Success Issues Finder to determine your baseline for areas you need to heal, then re-take it later on to track your improvement – FOR FREE.  

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The Success Issues Finder is NOT: 

         A diagnostic test for physical health issues 

         A personality assessment 

The Success Issues Finder IS:  

A tool to self-diagnose the issues of your spiritual and emotional heart relating to your success.

To our knowledge, it is the only test of its kind in existence. 

We believe that it shines light on, not only the issues you know about, but also the ones you don’t know about.  

Why do we believe this Success Issues Finder is so important?

Recently, modern medical schools and experts have been doing independent research and finding that almost any problem including success challenges  can be considered the issues of the heart. The solution is to resolve the success-related issues of the heart by healing our patterns in the: 

        Unconscious mind    Subconscious mind

        Beliefs                     Emotions

        Thoughts                 Cellular Memories 

The blocks to our success are energetic in nature.


What do your -10 to +10 test results mean? 

A "0" score is an average result.

A person with a “0” score has an average amount of “heart junk” that has accumulated as they lived their life. 

Every number below “0” is 10% less than average. 

In other words, every number below “0” represents 10% MORE heart junk that needs to be healed.

For instance, a “-2” means that your answers were 20% lower than average for that issue, or overall, and that you have 20% more heart junk to heal. 

Every number above “0” is 10% above average.

Every number above “0” represents 10% LESS heart junk that needs to be healed.

A “+3” means that your answers were 30% higher than average for that issue or overall, and that you have 30% less heart junk to heal. 

How does all this affect your life? 

We believe every person can eventually live at +3 and above for every category, every issue, and for the overall test – at a minimum! 

+5 is more where we think you can ultimately be day in and day out. 

This will result in a GREAT life! 

+7 is living in the ‘high country’ - and WE ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE YOU CAN GET THERE AND STAY THERE! 

This sense that we can become increasingly effective at producing desirable results is what we would call the road of success.

You can feel Love, Joy, and Peace in abundance, and not feel dependent on your circumstances or external factors. 

The best news is that you can get there from wherever you are right now … even if you have -10's across the board. 

You would probably go up 3 levels over your first 3 months of doing The Success Codes, if you decide to go in that direction.

You will rise in the individual categories and in your overall score. 

From there, you can expect a regular increase in your scores, your emotions, your work effectiveness, and the abundance you experience. 

You can expect improvement in every area of your life! 

Take the Success Issues Finder and see for yourself! 

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