Signpost of Healing: Improved Self-Talk

Signpost of Healing: Improved Self-Talk

One day — after using the Healing Codes for about a month — I dropped a dish in the kitchen. As I cleaned up, I noticed something different with my inner dialogue. Instead of berating myself for, say, being “clumsy”, my thought was simply, “oh well, mistakes happen.”  (I also noticed how efficiently I took care of the mess since I wasn’t wasting energy getting mad at myself).

After this, I made a point of bringing awareness to my thoughts in various situations. And I happily discovered my self-talk had improved immensely.

This was not something I had focused on with the Healing Codes. In fact, I had never realized there was a problem with the way I spoke to myself. Often, we see how destructive our negative habits were only after we’ve made a healthy change.

Improvements with self-talk can be subtle and gradual. I like to ask clients if they have noticed changes in this area. After reflecting, they almost invariably say … “yes!” Some have commented they didn’t know what to call this change, but simply realized they weren’t “getting angry at myself as often” or “calling myself names” or “telling myself I can’t do things”.

Some noted they had at last broken patterns of self-talk that began earlier in life with others speaking to them harshly or inappropriately. One person mentioned, “I’ve finally stopped talking down to myself the way my mother used to, and I feel so free!”

These changes in self-talk are signs of deeper healing that can be related to any or all of the 12 categories outlined in the Healing Codes manual or book. For example, we:

–  recognize how harmful it is to speak negatively and untruthfully to ourselves

–  become kinder to ourselves

–  see the inherent goodness in ourselves

–  have greater patience with ourselves and our imperfections

–  gain a healthy humility with balanced self-confidence and self-respect

–  feel more joyful, which is naturally reflected in the way we speak to ourselves

–  learn healthy self-control and the value of supporting ourselves over bringing ourselves down.

And of course, when we experience inner healing, it not only positively impacts how we relate to ourselves — but to all those around us.

Have you noticed any changes with your own inner-dialogue?

Cynthia Nelson is a Certified Healing Codes Coach.
You can connect with her at and by calling 604.738.3303.



  1. I have only been using the codes for two weeks. No big healings yet but I feel sure they are coming. I really appreciated what Cynthia wrote about the self talk. All of my life-most night times I lay there with negative self talk. I read this article and thought how nice for Cynthia. Then the next night I was in this situation again, I realized my happiness. I do codes usually in bed at night, after I wake and try to add more in my day. Thank goodness for the codes, I no longer fear bedtime! Now to heal my other life long health problelms. I am so greatful to the codes and know that healings are coming!

    1. Hi Penny,
      How wonderful that you have already seen an improvement in self-talk along with other positive changes! Blessings to you in your continued healing work. Thank you for sharing, we love hearing these stories!

  2. Yes I have noticed big changes too with the Custom Guides Codes, very very powerful and in very little time, I also feel like my physical healing is ahead!

    1. Wonderful, Alvaro – thank you for sharing, and blessings to you in your continued healing!

  3. Witam serdecznie i dziękuję za Kod Uzdrawiania . Jestem nauczycielem Reiki , mieszkam w Polsce, jednak nie wszystkie problemy zdrowotne mogłem dotychczas rozwiązać. Stosując Kod Uzdrawiania , widzę wyraźnie jak poziom stresu fizjologicznego u mnie się zmniejsza . Wierzę ,że jest to klucz do zdrowia duchowego i fizycznego .

    1. Hello Atmo, and thank you for writing from Poland – we love hearing from people all around the world! That’s wonderful you are experiencing healing of physiological stress with the Healing Codes. Blessings to you as you continue your healing work.

  4. Dear Cynthia,
    It was wonderful to read your comments about inner self-talk. I have just started the Healing codes, but already feel somehow better and more sort of peace in me. I somehow know it will work. Thank you.
    Kristina from Finland

    1. Hi Kristina,
      Congratulations on starting the Healing Codes! I’m so glad to hear you’re already experiencing positive results. And it just keeps getting better! Thank you for your comment, and love and blessings to you.

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