Signpost of Healing: Greater Resiliency

Signpost of Healing: Greater Resiliency

A few months after I began using the Healing Codes, I was faced with an unexpected, stressful life circumstance. But what surprised me more than the unwelcome event was the way I handled it.

Instead of being thrown into despair and confusion, I found myself working through the situation with a focus, calm and grace I didn’t know I had. And after dealing with the worst of it, instead of feeling defeated or worn out, I came out stronger and healthier.

It was exciting to experience this enhanced resiliency as a result of working with the Healing Codes! By reducing stress,  …I could think more clearly, my body functioned more optimally. By healing unhealthy beliefs, my heart and mind worked together in greater unity.

Indications of resiliency can show up in many ways. Here are some examples I, and some clients, have experienced:

–  improved resistance to colds, flus and other illnesses

–  quicker healing and ability to bounce back after an injury, illness, or setback

–  less tendency to get irritated by small annoyances

–  less personal impact from other people’s negativity and criticisms

–  more energy, clarity and creativity to deal with challenges and the unexpected

–  increased desire to try new things, expand comfort-zone boundaries

–  feeling strong and centered, with the mind, body and spirit working in unison.

How have you noticed greater resiliency in your own life?

Cynthia Nelson is a Certified Healing Codes Coach. You can connect with her at or by calling 604.738.3303.


  1. Yes! Last winter not a single cold could touch me even though I was surrounded by people with everything from sniffles to full blown flu. And this summer my kitchen burned down and I was able to calmly save the lives of me sleeping kids and keep a good attitude through the weeks and months that followed until everything was repaired! Thank you for the Healing Codes!

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