SignPost of Healing – Enhanced Physical Appearance

SignPost of Healing – Enhanced Physical Appearance

As you work with the Healing Codes, you may notice changes in your physical appearance as stress leaves your body. You might also notice differences in how you perceive and feel about your outward self. Here are a few examples of what some people have experienced:

– people comment that you are looking rested, refreshed, younger, glowing, happy

– people ask if you lost weight, got a new hair style or had a spa treatment

– your face looks relaxed rather than stressed, lines appear softer

– your skin tone is more vibrant

– your eyes look brighter, more alive

– you’re smiling more and… your face is “lit up”

– your posture or how you carry yourself has improved – perhaps you’re standing straighter or your shoulders and neck are more relaxed

– skin conditions (like acne, eczema and rashes) have improved

– you feel more comfortable in your own skin and confident about your appearance

– you feel increased energy and desire to take care of yourself physically with exercise, nutrition, and more

– your body feels rejuvenated, and you move easily with relaxation

– when you look in the mirror, you’re no longer focused on wrinkles, spots, bags, sags or other so-called “flaws” we can tend to magnify in our minds — instead you’re happy with the attractive, vital person reflected back at you.

With a background in holistic beauty and wellness, I have coached people on healthy eating, natural skin care and other strategies. These are foundational to health and appearance. However, the most important key to enhancing outer vitality is healing issues of the heart causing stress. The results from the Healing Codes have gone far deeper than anything I’ve experienced using dietary, exercise and other techniques alone.

The heavy burden of stress drags us down internally and externally. As we release our burdens, we can experience increased joy, peace, kindness, zest for life, love and more. It is these internal qualities that rise to the surface, and result in a true and timeless radiance.

Cynthia Nelson | Healing Simplified


  1. So true!!!!
    I am 60 years old and even if acceptably attractive I always fought with excess weight and practiced active criticism towards my body and always found something wrong with it.
    Now, after 14 months of doing the Codes (not for my looks!!!!) i look better than before and finally my body has a shape that I am happy to look at.
    I have been on a very healthy organic diet and supplements and natural products for the last thirty years and that surely helps but the improvements I see in the way I see myself when I look at the mirror since the Codes came into my life (I had asked God for help with all my broken heart) are tangible and unexpected. My diet changed even if slightly and spend more quality time taking care of myself.
    Love, Caterina

    1. That’s wonderful, Caterina! I know others who have had similar experiences. It’s amazing what kind of unexpected transformations can happen when we start healing those issues of the heart. Thanks for sharing!

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