Practitioner Training

The Healing Codes Practitioner’s Training consists of a self-study program, telephone interaction and support, and formalized mentoring program.  Contact will be with one of our Certified Healing Codes Practitioners (CHCP) whom you will be assigned to during the different phases of the training program. You will receive training materials which include a binder with printed materials, CD’s, as well as access to the recordings of Practitioners Conference calls held each month.  You will be able to login to the Private Practitioner area to download these calls when you begin the training. We require applicants to have had their own experiences with The Healing Codes as well as personalized custom codes from one of our experienced CHCP’s before becoming a Practitioner. That requirement is also detailed in the Agreement you will receive.

It will take about 3 – 9 months to become certified, which may alter for someone previously trained in a complementary technique.  The certification process is outlined in detail in the Practitioners Training Agreement which you will receive after your interview.

Please contact Cindy Pierre at and let her know that you’re interested and she will introduce you to the Director of the Practitioner Training Program and answer any questions you may have about the program.

NEW: We now offer practitioner training in German (no English skills necessary)! Please visit this page to learn more! 

As a Certified Healing Codes Practitioner you would be able to use custom designed Codes in your practice with clients whom you have acquired on your own.  The fees charged would be solely up to the Practitioner and 100% of those fees would be to the Practitioner.

You may also, as a Practitioner, be an affiliate of The Healing Codes.

The Healing Codes organization makes no promises, commitments, or hints of offering clients to newly trained and certified Practitioners.  We reserve the right to assign clients as our needs arise and Practitioners have the right to accept or decline based on their needs.

The price for the Practitioner Training is $4200.00 plus shipping ($50 in the US, $100 International)

You may pay in one payment or 3 payments of $1400.00 plus shipping ($50 in the US, $100 International added to the initial payment)

People interested in becoming Practitioners should have certain characteristics. These include:

  • A very strong interest in this type of work
  • Have coaching experience or training in coaching
  • People skills geared to helping people maximize their potential
  • Compassion
  • Ability to acquire their own clients or have an existing client base
  • General knowledge about energy psychology, energy medicine, etc., and the motivation to renew that knowledge regularly

Above and beyond the aforementioned requirements, there is a written application followed by a telephone conversation to discuss the application with a staff member of the Healing Codes Practitioner program.

To apply, contact Cindy at

NEW: We now offer practitioner training in German (no English skills necessary)! Please visit this page to learn more!