Finding/Creating Memories

Question: I have a question about the memory finder.  You’re supposed to think of the problem you’re working on and get the earliest memory or emotion attached to it and get the earliest memory.  I’m not too good at that.  But I don’t worry about it because I figure that the prayer that you say is that you’re asking to open all this stuff anyway when you say the prayer.  So I don’t concern myself about it.  And you tell me that you can’t make a mistake with this and you just go ahead and do it.  Because I’m asking this to be opened anyway even though I’m not quite sure what it is.

Dr. Alex Loyd:  That’s right, absolutely.  That’s right.  Your heart knows what it is and it will connect to the memories that need to be connected to.

Question:  So there would be no concern about that and as I develop along this, I imagine I would realize what some of these things are.  Is that correct?

Dr. Alex Loyd:  Yes.  Now, you may or may not realize what those things are. But they will heal, regardless.

Participant: My question is how important is it to do the first part in the memory finder up until the picture.  I have trouble with that whole part about identifying the emotion with the earliest picture.  I kind of start with the Truth Statement and the prayer and do the positions.  I’m wondering how much more I would benefit if I actually did the whole process.  I also get to the point sometimes where I can’t think of any other pictures.

Coach’s answer: It will still help even without the pictures and, in fact, sometimes it’s better not to work with pictures.  It’s not going to keep it from working. What I generally tell people is not to spend take too terribly long with it, because then you just don’t want to do it.  If you sit down and take an hour to do it, then you’re not going to want to do it.  And also remember that this works splendidly well on infants and pets.  And odds are if you sit there talking to your collie and say, “Collie, remember when…?”  So it’s not a necessity, it just helps.