Leadership and The Healing CodesWithin two years, NFL American Football coach Bill Walsh transformed the San Francisco 49’ers from a doormat into a dynasty of champions. Notice his formula:

1) Resist the urge to clean the house. Instead, reevaluate what you have! The person you need may be at your fingertips, unnoticed, or stuck in the wrong slot. Joe Montana was a third-round draft pick, small and inconsistent. But Walsh saw his potential when he rallied Notre Dame to win the 1979 Cotton Bowl. Walsh’s theory: ‘One miracle can become a life-skill with mentoring, encouragement and practice.’ Solomon said: ‘Give instruction to a wise man and he will be yet wiser’ (Proverbs 9:9).

2) Take immediate responsibility. People will follow you anywhere if they are convinced you know where you are going. That means having a plan that is known and owned by all. Why do we avoid having a plan? Because it requires discipline, accountability and sacrifice. Ultimately it is the standard by which we are measured; plus, it involves the risk of failing. Yet, without a plan how can you succeed?

3) Offer incentives. People seldom buy something for the reason you sell it. They buy it for what it will do for them. When David asked what the rewards were for killing Goliath, he was told he would never have to pay taxes again and get to marry the king’s daughter. Now, that is incentive! We were all created with a desire for increase; decrease is unnatural. There is a God-given command inside of each of us to ‘multiply’ (See Genesis 1:28). Honor it, and everybody wins!

Used with permission by Tim Hetzner


    1. Thanks Nora! LOVE Tim’s writing. He has a way of making us look at things differently.

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