If You Can See It…

If You Can See It…

Great Cutting Edge call today called, ‘If You Can See It, You Can Be It’ by E. Thomas Costello.  If you weren’t able to listen live, you can listen to the replay at The Cutting Edge Archives.

The archives will only be available to the public for about 3 more weeks.  At that time they will be in the new membership area.  Watch for the announcement about that – it’s going to be great.  There will be a lot in there that hasn’t been available before.

For now be sure to listen to Tom’s Cutting Edge call – it was great!

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  1. What Tom discussed was EXACTLY the issue I was working on that very day, so I really appreciated it.

    The point about parents being in the image making business (i.e. we help stock what images go into their image bank)–well, I just wish I’d realized that sooner. My children are teenagers but I know, with The Healing Codes, I can be an instrument in healing the negative images, and as a parent, it’s never too late to “stock” loving, positive images into that image bank.

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