Heal Yourself as You Heal Others

Heal Yourself as You Heal Others

When we pray for others or doing The Healing Code for them, something special happens. There’s something about connecting to them and God that is very powerful.

Here’s what Laura discovered about doing The Healing Code for others:

“I am so excited to report that my issue levels are continuing to drop to zero very quickly since I began doing the Codes for others.  I have been finding the  more people I include, the faster it goes.  I have goosebumps on my goosebumps.  I have always experienced the Codes being the most efficient, simple, effective and satisfying healing tool to use (and I have used quite a few) but in one or two days time now each issue has fallen away to zero. That wasn’t the case when I was only doing the Codes for myself.  I am feeling so hopeful and peaceful.  Something that I was not feeling for a very long time.

“All of the issues I have been working on are early childhood ones and they all have started at Level 10.  In one or two days’ time, they are at zero.  Amazing!  Thank you God  and the entire Healing Codes Family.

“Something also that I want to share is that at first I was doing each person and their issue separately.  Very quickly I realized that I could try to combine different people and their issues in the same session.  That is what I am doing now.  I have even included animals too. “

If you’re not sure how to do The Healing Code for someone else, this article explains it.

Diane Eble is a writer and Certified Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner who worked with Dr. Alex Loyd on the editing and publishing of The Healing Code.

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  1. I experienced the same thing. I was doing a code for my son only (a few times a week) for chronic upper respiratory illness. His headcolds decreased dramatically and my catagory score dropped to “0”. My jaw dropped and I gasped in awe when I saw the “0” joyfully expressed on the page. Further confirmation this is Divine and part of our true nature. God’s signature and “icing” are all over this one. Thank you Doctors for having the courage to heed the call, share and practice. God Bless you.

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