Great Healing Codes Story

Great Healing Codes Story

Here is one person’s story about doing The Healing Codes.  Do you have a similar story?  If so, leave a comment and tell us about it.

For the past month, I wake up every morning feeling happy and excited about my day …. That’s a change!

When I started doing the Healing Codes about 10 months ago, I was on anti-depressants, which were only partially effective. I also had a major physical issue.  After 3 months of doing the HC, I had a profound experience where I FELT the Love of God and – some moments later – I KNEW that I was not alone, that there were Others supporting me. These sensations lasted only a few seconds.  A couple days later the ever-present fear/anxiety/depression lifted…just like that!

In July 2010, I took the LT3.  Doing LT3 & LT4 I began to address other issues to heal my physical condition. At that time, I related only to an impersonal Creator who demanded that I give up my own power and yield to “Its” Will, an over-all Plan in which I was only an insignificant part. I felt betrayed and resented my lot in life. I was angry at God for the position I was in and at myself for not being able to give up and accept…whatever!

Even though the depression, the ever-present fear & anxiety that seemed to control my every moment, left after 3 months, I still had to grapple with these core issues of faith.  So, in working with JoHanna, my Coach, I focused on learning to accept whatever outcome of my physical condition, without fear, while still maintaining a strong desire to heal. This, I know to be a key to healing, to allow, rather than to resist.

So, that was my goal, to “live in the moment”…..and JoHanna gave me Codes for that.

Well, all I can say is …It’s worked! I love every day. Sometimes, I just feel blissful! Even before this latest shift (it’s been over a month now), I noticed I was so much more calm & content, lighter & brighter (‘course that’s pretty standard for the HC, right?). I think it’s pretty amazing, to feel so joyful and happy in spite of an on-going physical concern. It just doesn’t seem to matter so much – my mind is on all the fun and positive aspects of my life. And, I don’t even have to work at it!  Every once in a while I let my mind bring in a picture of an unpleasant outcome, just to check if there is any fear attached and …. Nope! There’s not! It’s like a deflated balloon…nothing there (Of course, I don’t dwell on the picture – no point in re-creating it!).

I’m sharing this experience because I found so helpful the success stories of others. I’m still on this healing journey and I continue to begin each day with renewed hope and positive expectation. Thank you, Alex, and all those in the Healing Code Family!



  1. PS. The lack of such successful case studies makes me wonder if the Code would really work on something this serious

    1. Click on the Testimonials tab at the top of the page – you will find page after page of case studies/testimonials.

  2. Do you have any cases of clients with serious health problems like cancer, cardio vascular disease, diabetes, etc., who have gotten well after doing the healing codes?

    If these diseases are caused by stress, and the Healing Code eliminates stress, so the immune system can kill cancer, etc., it seems that there would be many reports of such.

    Reports of these healings would convince more people to use this system than a lot of the cases you publish.

    Migraine headaches, depression, fibromyalgia, etc., are serious ailments, however I think your readers would be more impressed if Stage 4 cancer was cured.

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