Great Healing Codes Question

Great Healing Codes Question

Here is a great question!   As always we do NOT use names unless simply first names.  People don’t want their issues ‘out there’ and we certainly respect that.  So when you see questions here – do not wonder who wrote it – we don’t tell!

“I bought the book & have been reading it. I have suffered from migraines & other issues I believe stem from an abusive childhood. Should I focus on the abuse or the migraines while doing the codes? or something different?”

I bet others have the same or similar questions.  If you do or if you have an answer, please leave a comment.  If you want to comment anonymously, don’t add your name to the comment.  You DO have to put in your e-mail address to let us know you are a real person but it will NEVER be published or used in any way.


  1. My encouragement to you is to take gentle breaths during the codes and give yourself permission to discover the beliefs you formed about your worth, being love and being loved, and how safe was it for you to belong during this time in your life. Let the answers come to you as you live your life now. Then ask: do these beliefs serve me now and what is the truth? Blessings to you as you awaken to who you are –Love

  2. My recommendation to this questioner is do the Healing Code for the feeling or image that is most disturbing of your peace.

    Everyone has energy exchange events in their life. Life, to me, is a sequence of these exchanges that, over time, we become more effective at causing and attracting. The good news about The Healing Codes is that we seem to have the ability to have the interpretations we originally attached to those events change. If we interpreted an event one way, when we do the Codes other possible and more meaningful interpretations often become available to our thinking and feeling. Our awareness improves.

    To be able to have a stressful, threatening memory-image from the past change to a more benign or even empowering one is what reduces stress. That reduction of stress can be the signal to the body to re-prioritize functions back to normal from the stress-induced ‘fight or flight.’ The normal body is an amazing thing.

    On the physical level, which is not where the Healing Codes organization focuses, I personally encourage people to ensure that their physical structure is aligned properly. I am a fan of Cranial Release ( and have seen people’s misalignment (the cause of their TMJ and migraines) corrected in a few minutes. So many people have had head injuries and think nothing of it and don’t connect the symptoms that show up to that injury. I recommend ruling this out as a possibility.

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