Low Energy/High Energy

Question: The whole time I’ve done it at the Adam’s apple, it was like I burned up with heat. And then a couple of hours ago when I did it, sweat just poured off of me the whole time I did the exercises. So there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s working, whatever it’s doing, because it’s so obvious. But there’s one thing that is a side effect that I’m hoping will stop. I woke up at 2:30 in the morning after doing The Healing Codes at about 9:30. Got up and couldn’t go back to sleep. I was wired. So I thought, “Okay, this is supposed to help me relax, so I’ll do them again.” Well, I did them again and I was more wired. So I was doing stretches…trying to get myself to not be so wired! I did not sleep the rest of the night. I do not feel tired. I don’t understand what’s going on, because it’s the exact opposite of what you said (that it is relaxing)!

Dr. Alex Loyd: Well, the exact same thing happened to my wife. She will not do The Healing Codes after it gets to be a certain time at night because she knows she will be wired. Some people get wired. Some people, especially when they get started and they have a healing response, they feel exhausted. I’ve heard the expression, “I feel like somebody got a gigantic syringe, stuck it inside me, and sucked all my energy out.” Other people feel like somebody stuck a syringe in and put in ten times as much energy.

The way The Healing Codes work is that they remove the stress by healing cellular memories. So there are several things that could be going on in your case to make you wired. There could be cellular memories that are being healed that have tremendous energy content. And a lot of them do. A lot of trauma memories have tremendous energy. Why? Because when the trauma happened, you had an adrenaline burst maybe unlike you’ve had maybe two or three times in your life. So when that memory is reactivated, you have another adrenaline burst. That’s one thing that could be happening. Another thing that could be happening is that the energy systems of the body have been being suppressed and every time you do The Healing Codes, it releases them and the energy that has been suppressed is released as well. All the sudden you have this huge burst of energy because the energy that has been suppressed is not suppressed anymore. And then after a few hours, maybe the suppression comes back until you get that healed completely.

Those would be the top two guesses because nobody knows for sure because everyone is individual. The good news is that up to a couple of hours or so, our testing indicates that doing The Healing Codes gives you more energy than the sleep you lose in order to do The Healing Codes. It just gives you more energy. A lot of people say, “You know, I just can’t find time to do this. My day is just busy from start to finish.” What we tell them is, take a little bit of sleep time to do it. Maybe fifteen, twenty minutes right before you go to bed and fifteen, twenty minutes right when you wake up. Because up to a couple of hours, you will get more energy than you lose by missing that much sleep. So that’s the good news.

So I would just play it by ear. If a couple of days go by and the same thing keeps happening, you may need to do what my wife does and say, “Okay, after six o’clock, I’m not doing The Healing Codes. I’ll do more in the morning or something.”

That’s an interesting phenomenon and I’ve heard it many times before. But I’ve also heard just as many times, “It feels like it’s drained all my energy.” And then there are people in the middle that don’t notice one way or the other as far as that goes. So we don’t know all the reasons for that, but those are a couple of wild guesses from experience.