Do The Healing Codes Really Work?

Do The Healing Codes Really Work?

A very common question is –  How long before you can expect results? I’ve been doing the Code faithfully for a couple weeks but don’t seem to feel better. I’m loosing hope.

Dr Alex Loyd addressed that very question on a recent Cutting Edge call.

Dr. Alex Loyd: That probably is the number one question, “Will it work on this issue?”   Usually that’s a physical issue.  And, “How long will it take?”   I think it is critical to understand the truth on that.

There’s a reason why virtually every medical school on the planet for the last 30 years has released research saying that up to 95% of all health problems (and every other problem too, by the way) originate from a non-physical source.  Please hear that – a non-physical source.  Understanding that, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense that approximately 95% of our treatments for things are for the physical.

In other words 95% of our treatments are to treat the physical when research by every doctor and medical school, the United States Government and the Mayo Clinic say up to 95% of our problems come from the non-physical.  Of the 5% that address the non-physical, most of those address symptoms too – negative emotions, conscious beliefs, wrong behaviors, etc.   We believe The Healing Code addresses the unseen true source.  We believe it is one of the very few things that does.

It’s a spiritual source, not religious but spiritual: love, joy, peace, unforgiveness, self-worth.  Those are all spiritual issues.  That’s what the Codes address.  It does not address the 5% physical, or the non-physical symptoms.

When these spiritual issues heal anything and everything is possible.  Yes, a great deal of the time, a high percentage of the time physical health issues heal.   Non-physical health issues heal.  Relationship issues heal.  People make more money.  Fill in the blank.

The reason I believe that happens is you have healed the source of all of them.  That’s very rare in this field of self-help and health.  Having said that, we’re not even treating those health issues.  We’re treating the underlying spiritual.

How long will it take?  It varies with ever single person.  For one person it might take three weeks.  For another person it may take 13 months.  That’s an actual example from two guys that had migraines.  One of them took three weeks.  One took 13 months.  What I would say to you is that we have hundreds and hundreds of pages of testimonials of people healing from everything you can imagine; ALS, all kinds of cancers, diabetes, MS, depression, anxiety.  The great majority of those did not happen in two weeks.  They happened in much longer than that.

We have a whole bunch of overnight miracle stories.  Sometimes those get us into trouble because people can expect that.  But the majority of the time it takes much longer than that.  Our advice is always realize what this is working on and what it is not.  Just do it relaxed and let it happen as it happens.  Let what happens, happen.  Don’t try to put a whole lot of parameters on it.

This is a great example of what happens on the Cutting Edge calls.  At the end of each call, if there is time, Dr. Loyd answers questions that come in about The Healing Codes.  You can get access to the Cutting Edge calls which happen every Wednesday at 2PM Eastern and you can get that access for free!  Go here and register – you’ll get immediate access to the Member’s area where you will find the dial in number and so much more.


  1. I wish you would publish some testimonials from people who didn’t heal instantly — who did the Codes for weeks or months before physical conditions began to heal.

    I read testimony after testimony of people who healed in just a few sessions. It isn’t happening this way for me and I’m beginning to wonder what I’m doing wrong

    From what you’ve said, this is a process that takes some time for the majority of people. Testimonials along these lines would give me encouragement not to give up.

  2. I am a friend of Quantum Physics Professor who is also a professor of ‘Medical Science’
    He is aware of the vast ‘Energy Fields’ in the Magaliesburg mountains in Southern Africa..
    He heals many patients from so called ‘incurable Cancer ,Diabetes, HIV /Aids..I am not sure exactly how he accomplishes this but I am aware that he changes
    the vibration of the inflicted cells..
    I run a company called ‘Medical Aid Management Services’ which activates members for Medical Aid / Healthcare..But there are many patients who undergo Chemo Therapy,surgical procedures..others suffer from extreme depression / Bi Polar /and anxiety disorders.They are treated by Psychiatrists,qualfied Doctors/Spcialists etc..but in many cases these patients go into remission and are reliant on extreme chronic medication which ‘sort of’ stabilisers their condition…these patients then have the ‘mental attitude’ that their chronic medication is keeping them alive..!! The Medical Aid Industry pays ‘Billions of Rands’each year for this treatment..How can I enlighten the Medical Aid Industry about ‘The Healing Codes’..?..I value your comments

    1. Thank you for your message. Your friend sounds very interesting! And so do the mountains!!

      You are talking about ‘climbing a very high mountain’ when you talk about bringing light to the top of an immensely profitable (for pharmaceutical companies and the people writing the prescriptions) area.

      I don’t know the answer but it may have to do with pointing out that:

      1. cancer is not a chemo or radiation deficiency; a headache is not an aspirin deficiency, etc. Maybe a light would go on, “Oh yeah, that makes sense!”
      2. by asking people where healing actually comes from. Even doctors are not so arrogant or ill-informed to think they or the drugs are the source.
      3. side-effects can kill more people than the disease.

      Some people understand that their identities are formed by their thoughts/beliefs and the medication can interrupt the sequence of events they have created, such as pain. They think of the medication as a temporary relief to allow them to re-think their thoughts and create different beliefs that produce different physical conditions in their lives.

      Most people, however, are frightened of this area of life (thanks to the medical priesthood) and want no responsibility for their conditions. So they are willing, even eager, to dissociate from the cause and shift responsibility to a doctor or drugs. In cases, the condition IS their identity so they don’t want to give that up.

      If you moved the conversation from ‘my way is better than your way’ which, of course, won’t work at all to “I have an idea that can make your way work even better”, you may have a chance.

      There was a study I was told about that had two groups of people with the same condition. Group A was told they had to take drug X for their condition. Group B was told there were two drugs, X and Y, that could be used for their condition. Since they were very similar drugs, the choice of X or Y was up to the patients. Patients who chose X got better results than patients who were told and had no choice that they had to take X. Freedom and involvement (Usefulness, in my terms) are very important Needs and can be tapped to make medical treatment more effective, shorter duration, etc.

      If you presented the Healing Codes as a patient-controlled physical activity of low intensity (you would probably want to leave out spiritual, mental, emotional implications) that engaged a person’s will to heal/live you may be able to make headway. This concept should be easier for medical people to embrace.

      E. Thomas Costello

  3. I just registered and while I don’t know exactly how this works, am willing to try to address the nonphysical issues as a belief that by doing so, it will bring me out of my old habits spawned in years of a perceived need to adapt to life’s constant challanges. I do believe that living conditions, circumstances brought about by our own free choices, and perhaps simple fate ( or the tendency to fall into a lifestyle “trap”) might be the things we need to address first and then maybe, the lifestyles will change. Hopefully for the better.

  4. I was just wondering if anyone in Southern Alberta, Canada is using the Healing Codes and LT3? It would be nice to talk to others in our area to exchange experiences and help one another with encouragement – like the buddy system perhaps. I can be contacted at my email [email protected]

  5. Hi Guys, Yes….. the Healing Codes really work! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
    I have gone through them twice now, my main focus being Peace, Self worth, and Trust.
    As I “see” energy, work/facilitate healing with energy, and teach Workshops on it, I was interested to see what was happening within and around the body as the different hand positions were being used. Firstly, there was a change in colour in the energy fields to all one colour, and a variation of that particular colour through that particular HC number. Secondly, there was a re-arranging process occurring in the brain, an unlinking and re-linking of neurons(?). In some cases it it occurs really quickly and in others its almost a painful tearing apart as if they have been in that form for a very long time. These ones take quite a while to re-link and are quite sticky.
    There were a few other things such as finger distance from the head…when I moved my hand in and out a little, my hand appaered to “lock in” at the correct distance. Also, concentrating on the breathing and then sending the energy of the breath to the heart works a treat!
    Obviously, this is only what is happening in my case and I haven’t come across anyone else yet who is doing the Codes, but I would be interested to see how it works in others.
    If anyone else has any feedback re what they “see” and is interested in chatting about this I am contactable though my website.
    Perhaps we can experiment and look at before and after pictures of someone who has done the Codes and read their energy. Am open to ideas….after all life is all about learning from each other.
    (Am a Kiwi teaching in Australia, currently on the Gold Coast).

  6. In response to this e-mail I tried to log in as already a member, using the name and code you confirmed for me when I first registered, but each time I have had the message that the name or code is invalid. I was able to access this link, however, so I’m wondering what the problem is.

    1. You are registered for the book site, not this site. They are two different
      sites so they require individual registration.

      Please go here and register for this site and you will be able to log in.

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