Angel Story – Death of a Precious Aunt

Angel Story – Death of a Precious Aunt

I have had two heart attacks, triple by-pass surgery and now stem cell replacement therapy in my knee.  I am a bit overweight as well.

Traveling for me has become rather difficult – the airport gates seem to be getting farther and farther apart requiring more walking and coupled with the stress of traveling, I don’t do it well anymore.  My chest tightens and I seem to get a heaviness in me that makes the journey perhaps, even harder than it really is – STRESS!

On Wednesday of last week, my precious Aunt Mary died.  I did everything in my power to book reservations into NY Kennedy, get hotels, book a car etc.  I was exhausted at the thought since it has been a tiring holiday season.  I was heading into the blistering cold north east – in January.  I live in Florida.  The trip would have been a major challenge for me and perhaps not good for my health.  Out of nowhere I developed an ear infection the night before the trip.  But that did not deter me – I was going to go to that funeral.  By the time I got up at 5am to get to the airport, the infection had me in bed, in pain – unable to get up.  I went through the usual guilt and felt even worse.  Bottom line there was no way I could fly.

I thank God for the ear infection and for helping it get just bad enough for me to not fly.  My angel Aunt Mary was watching over me and decided it would not be good for me to fly.

She knew where my heart was – she also knew how stubborn I can be.  So she and God helped me in my decision making process.  I am scheduled to go to an ear specialist and get some help.

I am grateful for my angels intervening into my stubborn natureJ  Angels are all around us – just relax and allow them to help!

PS:  they always do!

Mary Ann C