The Healing Code Communities Program is based on and follows the categories of healing found in Dr. Alexander Loyd’s The Healing Code book.

  • Members enjoy 12 weeks of healing under the direction of a Certified Healing Code Trained Facilitator.
  • You receive at least one hour of concentrated Universal Healing Code support weekly.

Weekly meetings take place by phone and (as the Communities grow) at various in-person locations.

  • You will use the Universal Code to address various areas and issues of your life in a detailed format that lends itself to quick, gentle and permanent healing.
  • The Communities group size is  about 15 members, and are big enough to include a variety of experiences and personalities, yet small enough to feel intimate and accessible.
  • You can choose from several available Communities time slots to meet your personal schedule.
  • Each package contains a secular outline plus an optional Biblical outline.
  • Each weekly meeting of your Communities Group includes a segment of time in which the facilitator will lead you in doing the Universal Code for your chosen issue.
  • You are part of a caring supportive community that also honors your privacy.

Even if you miss a meeting, you already have the meeting outline at your fingertips.

  • In each Community, a group of like-minded individuals comes together to work on the categories of healing found in The Healing Code book.
  • A group facilitator leads and supports the learning and application of the Universal Code, and makes sure the group has clarity and direction.
  • A supportive community setting enhances your personal application of The Universal Healing Code.
  • The Community energy increases the power and speed of personal healing.
  • Members experience safety and privacy.  There is no need to share – or re-live – painful events in order to receive healing.
  • Your facilitator guides the group through a sequence of steps to help you receive the fastest and most permanent healing possible.
  • You have the opportunity to share successes, celebrate life-changing moments, and increase awareness of possibilities in your own life by being part of a Community of like-minded friends.
  • Video messages from Dr. Alexander Loyd kick off each weekly Healing Code session.
  • Handouts and weekly outlines are provided to guide your personal, inner exploration and keep you on track with your personal healing in each of THC Book’s Categories.

A tested framework supports you in identifying your personal stressful issues that need healing, using the Universal Healing Code.

Listen as Dr. Loyd explains a bit about The Communities and then click just above to find your perfect schedule: