Christian Healing Codes

Christian Healing Codes

The Christian Healing Codes

Healing Through God’s Natural Laws

Spiritual Healing at your Finger Tips

People from all over the world have reported the healing from issues ranging from Lou Gehrig’s Disease to depression to hiccups to poison ivy and just about everything in between. What were they doing? They were using a simple healing system that was revealed in answer to 12 years of daily prayer by a man who desired with all his heart for the Lord to show him a way to heal his wife’s depression.

A 21st Century Healing System Based on Ancient Spiritual Truth

3,000 years ago King Solomon – known throughout the ancient world for his wisdom – gave his people this advice: “Guard your heart above everything else, for from it flow all the issues of life” (Proverbs 4:23). Any problem area in your life that you would like to change is what Solomon called an “issue of life” and he discerned that its origin and therefore its solution is in the heart.

What does the Bible mean by the heart? It’s your unconscious and subconscious mind plus your conscience and your spirit. It is the spiritual heart of you, where your inmost thoughts and hopes and beliefs and desires reside. There are over 1,100 references to the heart in scripture. If you read through them and then look at the scientific research coming from our medical schools, doctors and authors, you will realize that they are all talking about the same thing.

What are the some of the issues of the heart?
• Anger
• Bitterness
• Sadness
• Hopelessness
• Anxiety
• Fear
• Worry
• Identity and worth beliefs
• Programming from parents and others who did not love us perfectly
• Peace
• Joy
• Love
• Forgiveness and unforgiveness
• Virtually any health problem you can name
• Career limitations
• Success limitations

Cellular memories . . . the difference between a healthy life and death?

In the September 12, 2004, Dallas Morning News, scientists from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas reported that not only do cells have memory, but whether their memories are positive or negative can mean the difference between health and disease, even life and death. “Now scientists are striving to understand how cells acquire these memories and perhaps treat disease at its roots by adjusting them.” What kind of event could cause a negative cellular memory? Any event that caused you to feel fear even for an instant.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, in research at Stanford University, discovered that these negative cellular memories result in wrong beliefs. Beliefs like “Something bad is bound to happen” or “I’m not good enough” or “Something must change right now for me to be OK.” And Dr. Lipton showed that these wrong beliefs cause 90% to 95% of all illness and disease. He has also shown that unless we are fully conscious of what we are doing and why we are doing it at every moment, we are always acting on our unconscious programming stored as beliefs in our cells.

In other words, our inmost thoughts guide our lives all of the time, even when we are not aware of it. Or, as Solomon also said, “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is” (Proverbs 23:7). All the issues of life – what we think and say and do – flow from our hearts.

At last, after more than 3,000 years, science is catching up to scripture by discovering that the heart is the source of any issue you can have in your life: health issues, relationship issues, career and financial issues, and more.

“The Healing Codes can show you a better way to perceive life that will enhance your cells’ vitality rather than threaten them and put in beliefs that are incorrect. Because the cells are going to respond to those beliefs, correct or incorrect … Old biology, you’re a victim. New biology, you have the opportunity to change your beliefs, attitudes, and the way you drive your vehicle. And in doing so you’re offering yourself an opportunity for healing … I stand here and say, isn’t it interesting that one of the comments that Jesus made was that you can renew your life with your belief. “
~~ Bruce Lipton, PhD, cellular biologist and author of The Biology of Belief
Interview December 15, 2005

In 1971, Richard Nixon declared war on cancer. Cancer was the eighth cause of death then. It’s number two now. And many other health problems have skyrocketed over the last 30+ years. How could that be? It could be that we’re looking in the wrong place for a cure. Everywhere you look today you can hear talk of “traditional” or “alternative” methods. You rarely hear “spiritual”.

We believe that every issue in life is, at its root, a spiritual issue of the heart. It is our mission not only to help heal those issues, but to turn people’s awareness to the importance of the spiritual issues of the heart.

This is not the kind of miraculous healing Jesus did. This is a physically-based healing system that God build into nature like gravity and the electro-magnetic field of the earth.

What Are The Healing Codes?

Dr. Alex Loyd was shown that there are four healing centers located on the head and neck. These healing centers appear to work like a hidden fuse box that, when the correct switches are flipped on, will allow healing of almost anything. They do this by removing the stress in the body that had switched them off, thus allowing the neuro-immune system to resume its job of healing whatever is wrong in the body.

A Healing Code is a sequence of one or more hand positions performed by aiming all five fingers of both hands at one or more of the healing centers from two to three inches away from the body. The hands and fingers direct flows of energy at the healing centers.

The healing centers activate an energetic healing system that functions in a manner parallel to the immune system. Instead of killing viruses and bacteria, it targets negative memories and unhealthy beliefs related to the issue a person is thinking about. Using positive, healing energy frequencies, it cancels out and replaces the negative, destructive frequencies. Lies are replaced by Truth and Light.

A Few Of Our Success Stories

“Dr. Alex Loyd has the defining healing technology in the world today – it will revolutionize health. It is the easiest way to get well and stay well fast. Dr. Loyd may very well be the Albert Schweitzer of our time.”
~~ Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul books

“I have received healing in my body, in my spirit, in my soul, and much of it is due to Dr. Alex Loyd’s Healing Codes. I’m 44 years old and a mother of five children. My husband and I pastor an 8,000 member church, and I’ve always been a happy, blessed person.

About four years ago I started having health problems. First it was small things like chronic hoarseness, though that was large to me because I’m a singer. I went to specialists for three or four years, and every time I went to a doctor, there was something else wrong with me, and I received a new diagnosis.

These are some of the diagnoses I’ve received: Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, gall stones, chronic fatigue syndrome, Epstein-Barr virus, adenomyosis, fibroid tumors of the uterus, laryngeal pharyngeal reflux disease, low iron, low B-12, vitamin deficiencies in all aspects. … From the first moment I began to do one of the Codes they gave me, I began to feel a peace come into my life.

Over several weeks, my symptoms did not improve, but my heart began to feel hope, began to feel love, began to feel peace, began to feel joy. After about three weeks of doing these simple Codes three to five times a day, I felt so much joy in my heart that I began to say to myself, ‘Even if I am never healed of my physical problems, I could be happy this way for the rest of my life.’

The joy that I felt connecting with God through these Codes was so much more than I had experienced in the years prior … In the year since that time, I have continued doing The Healing Codes at least twice a day … I realize now that there was major stress in my life. Not just the five kids, the 8,000 member church, and the active lifestyle, but what I realized was that there was fear that I was allowing to infiltrate my heart and my mind every day of my life.

Fears of not being good enough. Fears that something bad was going to happen to me. That my husband was going to die and that I was going to have to pastor the church. These fears were constant companions during the three years when I had health problems. I thought my problems were health related.

Now I see my problems were heart related. What has happened is that with these Healing Codes, my heart has been healed through the power of God. My body has begun to heal itself and is still healing itself. I give glory to God, and I thank God for bringing Alex Loyd into my life. God bless you.”
~~ Jennifer Crow

“I was working on high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and irregular heart beat for six months, but I didn’t see any change or any improvement. Then I went to the cardiologist yesterday. He found that my arrhythmia is gone, my weight is down, and my blood pressure is normal. So The Healing Codes was healing things that I wasn’t consciously working on and hadn’t even gotten to yet – it was healing other things that are obviously more pressing. I’m sure now it will probably get to the high blood sugar.”
~~ Larry

“This past year, I faced a spiritual and mental crisis. I found myself in a vortex of fears, and the future looked so frightening I wanted to die. In desperation, I began to renew my mind with God’s promises as my husband (a pastor) patiently told me over and over about God’s plans to give me a future and a hope.

He lovingly served me communion every day, and I was on my way to recovery. Then, in God’s perfect timing, I found The Healing Codes that would bring me further along in my healing. I wept when I read Dr. Loyd’s premises for healing the issues of the heart. I excitedly read the key issues to be addressed: forgiveness, harmful actions, unhealthy beliefs and the fruits of God’s Holy Spirit.

My professional experience as a clinical nutritionist with training in energy medicine helped me appreciate the tenets of Dr. Loyd’s discovery. I have observed that spiritual healing is the only true healing, providing the perfect environment for the body and mind to heal as it is designed to do.

I knew Dr. Loyd’s approach was spiritually and scripturally based, as well as scientific in its approach. For the next three months, I faithfully followed the program, including the custom Code sessions. Following the first 12 Days, I felt very peaceful.

Then, with the skillful and compassionate help of a Healing Codes practitioner, I began to address generational issues and the events that led my heart to fear. I am amazed at the realizations that I experienced concerning the origins of my fears and equally amazed at the peace that followed using The Codes on those issues. Applying the Truth Focus Statements is especially powerful. Sometimes I simply start praising God in gratitude while doing The Codes, and I feel God’s presence very strongly. I feel closer to Him and have an ability to enjoy Him in greater measure, but it is this abiding peace that is most surprising.

I do not listen to the news as often, and when I do, I still have peace. I have noticed other changes. I am less materialistic. While I admire beautiful things, I don’t feel a need to have them nor do I dream as much about the next thing I want. I want God to surprise me with what He wants me to have. I am more compassionate and less judgmental. I am not as worried and fretful. I am now ready to start Phase Three, and I anticipate that I will continue to heal. I am looking forward to experiencing the fruits of the Holy Spirit in greater measure as more and more blocks to my experiencing them are healed and removed. I am very grateful for The Healing Codes.”
~~ M

“As breath is the substance of life, stress is the substance of death. It brings about death little by little. The Healing Codes brings quantum change in the stress paradigm. It changes stress in a matter of minutes in a scientifically provable and reproducible way, thus eliminating the cause of illness and disease in the body. I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE!”
~~ Dr. Ben Johnson, M.D.

“I was having some severe problems with panic anxiety that literally incapacitated me… … I had tried everything. Stress management tools, nutritional changes, everything naturopathically speaking and allopathically [traditional medicine] speaking…. I was getting worse and worse.

I heard about Dr. Alex Loyd and what he was doing, called him, and began to work with him. I actually got my life back…. I needed help so desperately that I went ahead and tried this, just to get the help, thinking the whole time, ‘Boy, I hope this isn’t New Age…I hope I haven’t crossed some sort of line…’ And I haven’t. … Something people need to keep in their minds is that, if it’s truth, it’s from God. It works.

God gave us this, and we need to leave no stone unturned when it comes to our health…. It’s up to us to take charge of our health….Dr. Loyd has something that changed my life, and once you’ve experienced that, you want others to know about it as well. I’m delighted now that he’s doing this all over the world, and many, many people are being helped as a result.

Using The Healing Codes in my practice, I’ve seen changes that I could not manage to have actuated in a person’s body. Changes in blood pressure, in diabetes, in depression, and even in degenerative, chronic problems like arthritis. You normally don’t think of stress as causing arthritis….
~~ Dr. Mary Schrick, Radio host of The 3rd Opinion