Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Studies & Testimonials
from Anne and Jack Stewart’s
Healing Programme in the UK

Jack’s own Case Study

My Personal Miracle.


Me and illness are strangers. A few accidents, hangovers, colds etc., fine. But just over two weeks ago, something hit me like a runaway train. Back pain, acid reflux, indigestion, headache, and worst of all, a head spinning with relentless, repetitive, dark thoughts. I felt like poison was in my system.

No matter what I did, there was no escape. I went with the pain; I fought it. I don’t take pills. But this was so bad, I would have done. Except my stomach was so painful, I would rather have the headache than make my stomach pain worse though aspirin or paracetamol.

All attempts to mitigate the living nightmare failed. I couldn’t concentrate to do or accept any healing. The intensity was overwhelming. I was almost screaming in pain and frustration. If death had been an option, I would have taken it. My wife Anne commanded Jesus to heal me [I had no idea she had]. In an instant-literally an instant-the pain went, and I burst out laughing.

I got some sleep that night. For the next two weeks, my appetite deserted me, and the symptoms above varied in intensity. Part of me wanted to know ‘What are the lessons of this condition?’ I resisted anything that might release it.

However, this Wednesday night [February 16 h 2011] the whole lot came back with a vengeance. Added in were palpitations. I’d had it with ‘lessons’ and wanted it to go. Desperately. So, I crept out of bed, went into the lounge, sat still, and started to do the Healing Codes. At first it was a struggle. The pain and negative thinking was intense. But I persisted. The experience I was having was a sure-fire 10. My mind went back to an earlier memory. Another 10. I said the prayer.

My mind and body were flooded with unconditional love and gratitude. Slowly the earlier memory went down to zero. Slowly the nightmare, complete with all the pain and poisonous thoughts went. To zero.

I couldn’t stop smiling. I was completely pain and symptom free. A miracle. After years of helping hundreds of people have their own miracles, I had had mine.

I went back to bed. Slept, but woke up again after a few hours. Back to the lounge. More self-administered Healing Codes. The most amazing earlier memories came up. Ten to zero, ten to zero.

For the last two days, Anne has insisted on giving me regular sessions of the Healing Codes. Level ten experiences and memories seemed to have deserted me. However, all [level 6 to 8 experiences] have dropped to zero at increasing speed. My appetite has returned, I am almost pain and discomfort free, my optimism has come back, a smile is on my face, and I have a knowing that my health will be back to 100% very soon.

I have no idea what brought this on. I’m certain I haven’t been poisoned. I’ve been working too hard.

Since this began, we have conducted two Healing Codes talks, I have helped one client [successfully of course], and a workshop beckons tomorrow. During each of these, my health was 100%.

I suspect there is a lesson here somewhere!

Thank God for the Healing Codes.

Jack Stewart.

Love & Light,

Jack & Anne Stewart


Case Study 1.

At our first talk on the Healing Code[s] on July 7th, we took thirteen people through the basic process. It is recommended you take at least six minutes. Owing to time constraints we took three. And we skipped some of the steps.

We asked everyone to choose an issue that rated above 8 [on a 0 {low} to 10 {maximum} scale]. Ideally the thing at the moment that caused them the most stress.

Evey person in the room reported at least a four point reduction. One person went down from 9 to zero. Another from 7 to zero. The average change was about 5 points.

Case Study 2.

Our client had several issues which were creating serious stress. His mother’s illness, his brother’s alcoholism, his temporary absence from work, and his own angry state. We measured his Heart Rate Variability and Skin Conductance Level [SCL] using Healing RhythmsTM technology.

After six minutes his Heart Rate Variability had increased, his SCL had stabilised. His self-rated scores? From 10 to zero.

Case Study 3 [Jack]

My first attempt at using the Healing Code[s] was to choose an issue I rated as an 8. After the session, the issue went completely. For the life of me I cannot remember it!

Case Study 4.

We ran our first ‘Loving Yourself & Self-Acceptance’ course on Saturday [17th], and used the Healing Codes to change beliefs people had about their self worth and self esteem. Self worth is the critical variable, because it excludes competence and how good we are at doing things [self-esteem]. We used a variation of muscle-testing to get ‘true’ estimates [on the 0 to 10 scale] of how people rated themselves at the beginning of the day.

After a number of exercises and processes all designed to lift both esteem and worth, we asked for the new scores at the close of the day. The result? Four scores of 10 on both measures, and one of nine on both measures. One person began the day with 0 and another 5.

And the Healing Codes exercises? Each person was taken through two ‘rounds’, i.e. two issues, including Anne. Every one went from 9 or 10 down to 0 after four to six minutes.

Case Study 5.

A professional couple came to see us about a ‘stalker’ who was pursuing the husband and making both their lives miserable with her lies.

We ‘cleared’ the influence the stalker was having on the husband, and did the same with his wife. We then did the Healing Codes with both of them. Here is the situation one week later:

“We have been OK and resumed normal closeness. Closer, even, than before. We are calm and peaceful and I don’t feel any anger or pain. Neither of us have any negative physical symptoms.

So thank you for everything, though I don’t pretend to understand it!”

Case Study 6.

At our talk on 26/7, 11 people were taken through the process. The first issue they identified had an average score of 8.6. The ‘cause’ or first time this issue had arisen [and by the way, one person tracked it back to biblical times!] generated seven 10’s and four 9’s [average 9.6].

After one six minute session of the Healing Codes, the average scores dropped to 3.3, with one person recording 0, and we had two scores of 1.

Anne also did a demonstration, and needless to say, a 10 issue disappeared completely [after eight minutes] from the volunteer.

We can’t stress too strongly how incredible this is. Everyone in the group was working with a very serious [please remember 10 is the highest rating] issue. And without individual attention, just by being guided though the six minute process, just look what happened.

Case Study 7.

More exhilaration! I have just had a session with a client who has had a long standing health issue. We worked with her biggest concern, which she scored 10 [out of a possible 10]. It was underpinned by another 10 issue. After six minutes, the original 10 went to 4, the ‘underpinning’ 10 down to 1. A second issue popped up during this exploration. She scored this one 7, then a subconscious journey identified an underpinning 10. Another six minute round of the four hand positions.

The underpinning 10 dropped to a 4. And a third issue was revealed, and she scored it 5 [underpinning 6]. Two rounds of hand positions. Both aspects of the third issue had gone. The second issue had now gone from 4 to 2. The original [7] had gone. And the first issue? The underpinning 10 down to 0. The original issue down to 2.
She will now work on these herself. I’m totally convinced she will crack this condition once and for all.

[P.s. I have previously used a whole range of other modalities which have worked very well. But now…]

Case Study 8.

The person who introduced us to the Healing Codes [without any prior knowledge on his part] came around today. He had leg pain which had thwarted other serious attempts over the years to release it. He scored the pain as a ‘6’ issue, and the original/cause/underpinning issue as an ‘8.’ You can maybe guess the rest. Four two minute rounds and both down to zero.

Case Study 9.

I suffer from severe pain from gallstones about once a month. Other healing had reduced the number of episodes but not the severity of the pain. I had a long walk yesterday and last night woke with the pain at 9/10. I was horrified because it normally means 4-5 miserable hours waiting for anti spasmodics and pain killers to kick in.
Then I remembered the Healing Codes work we had done. I allowed the words Free, Relaxed and Flowing to flow into the area, did the prayer and the points on the head.
The pain was gone completely within 10 minutes.

I woke refreshed this morning. Normally an attack of that severity would have cost me 2 days to recover and, as I work for myself, that costs me a lot of money.

Many thanks to Jack and Anne for bringing this wonderful healing work into the country!

Love Suzi Sharples, Utilities Consultant, Thelwall, England.

Case Study 10.

I went on the Healing Programme course. Whilst there I asked Anne if she could use the Healing Codes to rid of some of my ‘dark energy.’ Anne said she would try using the codes for this purpose but was not too sure. It was an amazing experience. I believe I have had dark forces around & in me for as long as I could remember. I had all the classic symptoms & had tried a good few things to get rid of them but nothing had worked. That is until Anne used the Healing Codes. I knew the dark forces didn’t want to leave but it happened really quickly. Especially when Anne told me to draw in the love from friends, family & God. Up until that point i felt they had moved from all of my body to my legs. When I stood up after the healing I felt lighter in weight for as long as I can remember. I was at last alone in my body. I couldn’t believe how good I felt. I knew that I looked different & a good few people on the course noticed this.
When I went to bed that night I did the Healing Codes on myself for other issues & have been doing so three times a day.

I am so overjoyed at the results that I don’t have the words to express it. Thank you so much.

When I went to bed on Sunday night & used the Codes. I cried with such relief, I have been praying to God for at least 40 years to help me find a way to live with the mental torture I have had in my head since as far back as I can remember. I know I was unhappy at 3 years of age and even before.

I had lost all hope & trust in ever finding a cure & had just hoped that I wouldn’t have to live for another 20 or 30 years. Before the Healing Codes I was just living in hope of dying.

Wuhooooooooooooooooooo for the Healing Codes! This will save so many lives.

Case Study 11.

On our Healing Programme [part 2], Anne worked with a course member who was having problems in not feeling able to earn money from her many therapies. After some explanation, the person admitted to feeling like a servant when doing the therapy. The stress this created was given a score of 10.
The ‘cause’ was ‘in the past,’ a deep feeling of subservience.  She scored that as an 8 or 9.
Again, the six minutes of the Healing Codes ensued. Both the person and Anne knew not just the issues had gone [scored 0], but a major shift in her outlook had taken place.
Anne received a call from her two weeks later. Three days after the programme, the course member had helped her first two paying clients for some years. And she was full of confidence to continue.

Case Study 12.

Jack worked with a wonderful woman who scored specific childhood memories at 8. She then identified a more recent trauma [the unforeseeable death of a grandchild], and scored that 10.
She focused on the earlier memory. When doing the Healing Codes for someone else, a variety of clues emerge which indicate or suggest the changes are occurring. Sometimes, you can almost track the numbers as the emotional charge in the cellular/trauma memory ‘dissolves.’ In this case, the pained facial tension gave way to an almost angelic expression as the childhood memory lost its potency and the score dropped to 0.
However, when we moved on to the recent trauma, the tension returned. And yet as we progressed, the same thing happened. Facial tension left as the score dropped to 0 in the space of four minutes.
This for me [Jack] was one of the most dramatic healings I have witnessed in the last fifteen years. I fleetingly felt her pain as we began, and the euphoria as it went.
She also reported chest pains she had suffered from for years had vanished. Who cannot be moved by this incredible process?

Case Study 13.

Anne conduced a telephone session with a young client at University who was suffering from guilt, anxiety and fear about her family’s likely reaction to her thoughts of quitting her degree course. She had been having sleepless nights for some time. This was one of the most significant decisions in her young life.
She scored the stress she was currently enduing as a 10. The ‘cause’ was being perceived as a failure in the eyes of her parents. Another huge 10.
Both issues [after 15 minutes] went down to 0. The client’s voice had changed [no more trembling and quivering], she felt ‘filled with light’ and her confidence had returned.
She called back 2 days later. She had made her decision, told the family and was in control of her life.

Case Study 14.

A woman in her 40’s suffering from migraine came to Anne at one of our drop in sessions with her friend. The friend was totally sold on the Healing Codes process, the woman was a little sceptical, and had been dubious about anything remotely to do with prayer.
She gave the migraine a score of 7. The search for the ‘cause’ generated a memory which she scored 8. During the healing, another memory cropped up. That was score 8 too.
After four x 2 minutes of the hand positions, the last issue went down to 2, the second issue went completely [0], and the original [migraine] to 5.
Her friend agreed to continue with the Healing Codes, as it had unearthed a host of memories which required further attention.

Case Study 15.

Even healers have their weaknesses! Last night I [Jack] came home from our local Bangladeshi Restaurant, having eaten a vindaloo [very hot] curry and drunk two pints of beer. Felt fine, always do. But…wine & beer do not agree with me. So, in a fit of masochism, I drank a glass of wine when I got home.

Cue acid reflux very early this morning.  Some antacid stuff had a very slight effect, but I couldn’t get back to sleep, and if my head was too low on the pillow, the acid seemed to come back into my throat. Very unpleasant.

Said the Healing Code prayer, visualised the hand positions around my head, didn’t even access a truth focus statement or unconditional love, quickly ran through four rounds of [imagined] hand positions. After about five minutes my acute discomfort lifted, and then I must have gone back to sleep.

Wonderful. Need to do the Healing Code to stop this ‘self-gratification’!

Jack  S.- England

Case Study 16.

I had come across the Healing Code, which is why I attended part 1 [of the Healing Programme]. It is difficult to express how profound an experience the Healing Code has on you. All I can say is that it is like having a giant etheric eraser, which is able to literally rub away all of the bad memories and experiences, replacing them with a feeling of divine happiness from the soul.

Adrian H. Healer & Artist.

Case Study 17.

We were in the port of Patras on our fourth visit to Greece in March 2012. Twenty one students, only a few of whom knew each other were in attendance at our Healing Code seminar.

After about an hour, the demonstration beckoned, and we had a willing volunteer who was suffering from cancer, Athanasia. Our morning demonstrations are conducted by Anne, with commentary from me [Jack], including the reading of the Healing Code prayer.

However, we asked our translator Maria to say the prayer to save time, as the first language of the entire group was Greek.

Demonstrations can be an emotional affair, with volunteers usually recording the reduction of current and historical stress levels from 8-10 [maximum] to 0 in around 10 minutes. Self-evidently, if the volunteer has a serious health issue, it adds to the drama.

However, what happened next moved Anne and I to tears, and still does as I write this. The procedure was explained to Athanasia, and then cue Maria to read the prayer.

With no prior arrangement or command, as Maria began, the entire group said the prayer with her, word for word. The atmosphere in the room was electric.

Anne did the healing. Athanasia’s score went from 10 and 10 down to zero in ten minutes. I struggled to say anything during the process and it was some time before I regained my composure, especially after we were told Athanasia meant ‘immortal’ in Greek….

This is an experience I suspect all present will never forget.

What power this process has. What love can do. How we can all act as one.



I have had terrible IBS for five years. I had it before then but nothing like it has been. Last night I decided I would pick this for the Healing Codes exercise. My first score out of 10 was an 8.

I have always believed that my IBS had been caused by problems/stress I have suffered in this life. So when Jack said go back to the cause of the problem. I was surprised when I went back to my last life, when I was a soldier in the German army. I was on a ship being taken somewhere to fight. The ship was hit by a torpedo. I was hit with great force by a sharp piece of long, red hot metal straight through my gut. When I saw this happen I changed the thought of pain & fear that I had been feeling at that time, with the feeling of great love, instantly I was at peace. I felt like a full stop had been put after the IBS & it all made sense to me. The score out of 10 was then 0.
I woke up this morning with hardly any pain & had more energy than I usually do. It is now 1800 hrs & my stomach is at least 70% better than normal. I am just amazed & didn’t expect this result.

Sue De’Val.

[note-some people reading this may not believe in past lives. As a therapist/healer I learned fifteen years ago that if the client’s condition is linked to a belief about anything, then you go with it regardless of your own views. See Case Study 6 too-JS]
I tried the Healing Codes a few weeks ago and was very impressed. I worked on feelings of why I felt guilt when I had nothing to be guilty of and I was taken back to a child of about 4 yrs of age.

I picked my doll out of its pram and her arm fell off. Not knowing what to do I placed it back in the pram. When my much older sister with whom I was staying found out I was made to feel guilty for breaking the doll which I did not do, but she would not listen to me.

At once I could see the bigger picture of where it had all started. Had my sister been approuchable I would of been able to speak to her and things may of been different. I did the Healing Codes and I am very pleased to say all feelings of guilt left me and I have had a wonderfull few weeks.

Many thanks Jack for introducing me to the Healing Codes.

Dark Energies- what a load of rubbish…or so I thought. But when a couple of incidents from a family member’s death came up, I knew I had something that needed cleaning. And it happened so easily. And I could feel my whole body re-aligning afterwards. I felt lighter, with great integrity.

Healing Programme course member

I have been suffering from pain and congestion down one side of my face due to the high pollen levels for a couple of weeks. I did the Healing Code ‘6 minute process’ intermittently over a two hour period finding some relief each time and after the two hours it had gone and hasn’t returned (two days later). Amazing – try it for yourself!

Lynne Pearson (Performance Coach)

The evening was excellent and I am fascinated how our healing is becoming more rapid. I worked on one particular issue that evening and the reasons for the stress showed up in picture form in my head, quite amazing. The stress level reduced from 10 to 3 in a matter of minutes. Just to think that this issue alone could have limited and prohibited me from moving forward. Anyway since Wednesday night I feel that I am back in my trust and able to go with the flow.

Sue, Bolton.

I use this technique 1) Before I go to bed (three sessions of three minutes) and I fall asleep straight away. No movement or disturbance in my sleep pattern throughout the night. I wake up fresh, energised, positive and in a state of calmness and balance, and 2) Before I go to college if I’m feeling nervous/anxious regarding an exam, assessment or one to one tutorial, I again do ( three sessions of three minutes) before I leave the house. I then have clarity of thought, calmness and control of my logical and analytical thoughts (left hemisphere of the brain).

I have found this healing modality very instantaneous and quick to learn, use and perform. To summarise “SIMPLE IN DESIGN – POWERFUL ON RESULTS”.


More Miracles…

Wow, where do I start? From 1989 I have suffered from extremely high anxiety and panic. I have searched the world over and spent close to £100,000 trying to find the “cure”. I discovered the book the Healing Code and thought I would give it a go. What did I have to lose, I have tried everything else! I read the book and still wanted to know more, Jack and Anne Stewart were doing a workshop in Carlisle, not too far from where we live, so off we went for the day.

That day, 3 July 2011 has changed my life in so many wonderful and profound ways, I will never forget that date as long as I live! Jack and Anne are the most wonderful loving, genuine people you could ever wish to meet.

I have had instant results which I did not expect. The results started on the way home from the retreat where I felt a natural calm and tranquillity, a feeling I don’t ever remember having in my life. From there the insomnia lifted, the irritable bowel just disappeared, the fear of impending doom and gloom had gone, the overwhelming panic started to leave immediately and left fully around 4 weeks into doing the Codes. High anxiety has many other horrible side effects and it has now been 6 weeks and I can honestly say that I am nearly 100%. I think this is such a miracle and I did not expect these results as fast as what they have been.

I was so impressed I have arranged for Jack and Anne to do a workshop in my local area.

My Mom is 80 years old and has been suffering with pains in her legs for the last 2 years. After several hospital appointments and being told there is nothing wrong, I got her to do the Healing Code. After doing the Code for 3 days the pain left the legs and she cannot believe it. My Mom also has other health issues that she is working on and can see a definite improvement in her general health and well-being.

I have a little Yorkshire terrier called Chloe who was having a bad time a couple of weeks ago with her tummy. You could hear her tummy making all kinds of funny, strange noises, I knew she was in pain and asked my husband to do the Healing Code for her as I was due at an appointment. As he was doing the Code you could all of a sudden hear his tummy making the same noises as Chloe’s was! When he had finished the Code, his tummy stopped making noises and so did Chloe’s.. After about 15 minutes Chloe was playing and back to her normal little self again.

The Healing Codes in my opinion are miraculous. I look forward to doing mine 3 times a day and wait in amazement to see the results.

Yvette Kelly