Building a Better Marriage – Part 1

Building a Better Marriage – Part 1

A woman awoke one night to find her husband wasn’t in the bed. She found him in the kitchen looking very serious so she asked, ‘What’s going on?’ He replied, ‘Remember in high school when your dad caught us kissing and said if I didn’t marry you immediately he’d make sure I was jailed for 20 years? Well, I’m sitting here thinking, I’d have gotten out of jail today!’

Seriously, a strong marriage means falling in love over and over again, with the same person!  You do that by working through the challenges. Here are some thoughts to help you:

1) Recharge your batteries regularly. It’s impossible to escape marital stress but you can control it by taking breaks from the daily grind. Take a walk together, throw a Frisbee, go for coffee, do whatever ‘reconnects’ you. And tell your children you’re taking a time-out!

2) Keep talking. Even though something seems obvious to you, don’t assume your mate can read your mind. And never resort to ‘the silent treatment.’ Tell them what’s bothering you, even if it means working through a disagreement. It’s when you don’t care enough to disagree, that you need to worry! 3) Be open to counsel.  When you reach a stalemate get input from a trusted friend or counselor, before it becomes a crisis.

The above devotion was written/compiled from multiple sources by Tim Hetzner and used with permission.


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