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How Do You See Yourself?

Melissa Zoske, Certified Healing Codes PractitionerWhen you take a really close look at yourself, that person you are deep on the inside, what do you see?

I mean, take a really close look.

Do you see a loving and caring person?

Are you good enough?

Or maybe you see someone that doesn’t deserve the good in life because you aren’t worthy.

Maybe you’ve labeled yourself in some way, saying I’m stupid, or I’ll always be sick, or heavy, or never find the right mate… It can go on and on.

So many thoughts go through you every second of every day, consciously and subconsciously. There really is no way to truly keep track of them all.

But those thoughts, those emotions, those beliefs, are what make you who you are, right? Or at least who you ‘think’ you are.

Our thoughts aren’t always true

Sometimes the emotions you have are so alien, you aren’t even sure where they came from.

Those feelings don’t even seem like they should be part of you.

Where did those thoughts, and the beliefs formed from them, come from?

They had to start somewhere, right?

What did you inherit?

They started forming very early in life, some going back even further, inherited from your parents and ancestors.

Just like inherited eye and hair color.

So what can you do about that?

If you’ve inherited cellular memories, then there probably isn’t anything you can do about it, right?


We have an amazing tool called The Healing Codes. It not only works on relieving the stress from all those emotions, but it neutralizes them. Effectively making you feel like a different person.

And in way you are…

Upgrade yourself

When you let go of those damaging beliefs and allow new more positive ones to take root, you see things differently. You also act differently.

With those changes, people see you as different. They communicate and respond differently to you.

Almost as if you’re someone new.

This change could revitalize your relationships.

You probably see how this could change many things in your life.

Are you ready to let go of the thoughts, beliefs and images holding you back?

Try using The Universal Code from the book The Healing Code for a few weeks and watch your life begin to transform. Really give it good try and be consistent because that’s what will show you the best results.

I’ve seen so many people’s lives improve just by adding this simple tool.

Also please check out my ‘Who You Are Today‘ post for some more suggestions on how to positively change what you’re seeing in your life.

If you’ve already been using the process for a while with some good results, that’s great! We would love for you to share them in the comments below. It helps others to stay inspired and consistent in using The Healing Codes.

Melissa Zoske is a Certified Healing Codes Coach- Practitioner. To read more articles or if you need help on your healing journey please visit Melissa Zoske  or connect via Facebook or Google+

Spring Cleaning From The Inside Out

Spring is here and many of you are getting that itch to really start doing some deep cleaning.

I know I am. There are so many unwanted things can really start to clutter up your life and slow you down.

When you walk into a room and it feels overstuffed with things you no longer have use for, doesn’t it make you feel sorta sluggish?

I just love walking into my home when it is clean and everything is in it’s proper place. It gives me a sense of peace and security.

Your environment has a huge impact on your well-being and how you chose to live in it is up to you.

How about your inner life?

Maybe it’s time to start that cleaning and clearing on the inside.

I feel that how you organize and keep house in your heart and soul has even more impact on your well being than your external environment.

Do you take the time to organize your thoughts and emotions?

These are at the core of who you are or who you want to become. Just like your home can become messy, unorganized and in some cases unlivable, your mind can as well.

Making it a priority to stay on top of your negative thoughts and beliefs can make a big difference. You can live an inspiring comfortable life or a chaotic insecure life that offers no comfort from life’s storms.

Try taking notice every day of what needs to be addressed in your inner world.

What negative beliefs are stacked waiting to be addressed, like those clothes you have let pile up in your laundry room?

You wouldn’t let months go by without doing your laundry, right? Of course not!

And what unhealthy thoughts have you let layer onto each other that could use some descaling? Don’t let those build up. It’s far easier to work on them on a regular basis.

Your interior world is just as important as your exterior and maintenance is even more important in this area.

I would like you to list 3 negative thoughts or beliefs you have right now. No excuses just list them.




Now I want you to do The Healing Codes 3 times today on the one that feels the strongest. Once that is reduced to a 0, then do your code again tomorrow on the next strongest thought or belief.

Using The Healing Codes to do a wonderful spring clean this way, will help you start fresh, like everything else this time of year.

After all spring is a time for renewal and growth. Rake up those old dead patterns and make room for the new growth that is just waiting to bloom inside of you.

Happy Spring!

Melissa Zoske is a Certified Healing Codes Coach- Practitioner. To read more articles or if you need help on your healing journey please visit her website at or connect with her via Facebook or Google+

A Big Clue in using The Healing Codes

Melissa Zoske, Certified Healing Codes PractitionerA big clue in using The Healing Codes, is to do it with ease and try to allow your healing to occur.

Do you ease or push into things?

This reminds me of the phrase, “What you resist persists.”

When you continually resist, what you are trying to change grips  even tighter.

In my mind resistance is so similar to pushing or forcing. They are in the same field and opposite from ease or allowing.

Releasing and allowing are also very closely related to detaching.

The best results can happen when you are able to detach from your expectations and trust that you will heal in the right timing.

It’s more about Trust and Faith.

When I am talking about detachment, I don’t mean to make it sound like it isn’t important or doesn’t matter. It’s more of trust or faith, that what you want WILL happen, so you don’t need to worry,or over think it.

I’ve heard it explained like this. It’s like placing an order on the internet.

You place your order, then forget about it for a few days, knowing it will arrive. You don’t run out to your mailbox right after you’ve placed it.

That would be unreasonable. You know that it will take some time, but it WILL arrive. You TRUST that it will get there and that is the point.

After you do your code you are done. You have placed your order and now you are going to go about your business of life and just expect it to arrive.

You don’t need to double the times or the amount of time doing your code, unless of course it feels good and you want to.

You are in a place of faith and trust that what you have done is perfect and that it will be delivered at the perfect time.

It’s so much easier than you can imagine.

If you have old beliefs that crop up while reading this, then you should definitely do some coding on that. Beliefs like, “if you aren’t pushing hard, you are lazy,” or “it won’t happen unless you make it happen.” There could be any number of beliefs or thoughts around this and those need to be addressed first.

The point is to allow yourself to relax and let The Healing Codes work on reducing your stress. With your body relaxed and that burden lifted, it can then perform in its natural state, which is maintaining and healing your body.

Remember… Your body’s NATURAL state is a HEALING state.

Now THAT is a positive affirmation that is totally based on truth.

So now, just go about your day and practice your Healing Codes.

Embrace trust and faith, that this simple loving act you are doing for yourself, will bring what is best for your greatest and highest good.

Just ease into it, allowing your healing to take place and after it arrives, make sure you show gratitude and give thanks.

Most of all remember what this journey has shown and taught you. After all, those are the real pearls from this trip.

Melissa Zoske is a Certified Healing Codes Coach- Practitioner. To read more articles or if you need help on your healing journey please visit her website at Custom Healing Codes or connect with her via Facebook  or Google+

The Healing Codes and Self Talk

Melissa Zoske, Certified Healing Codes Practitioner

Somebody is talking bad about you.

Who is it?

The neighbor? A relative, that’s not happy with you? A colleague?


The person that says the absolute worst things about you is…..

Drum Roll…..


Recent studies have concluded that 90% of all self-talk is negative. A whopping 90% of what you are saying to yourself, inside your own mind, is self-critical.

What the heck?

How could You be so hard on yourself? Aren’t we all supposed to be loving ourselves, even respecting ourselves?

Thoughts like “How could I be so stupid? My life sucks! I’ll never be good at that, or better yet, I’ll never be good enough.” Run through your mind daily 90% of your day!!!!


This creates that number one bad boy in your life-Stress, or worse, pure anxiety.

You know that stress is the number one cause of disease. It can totally ruin your health. We are talking your HEALTH here! How important is that?

It also ruins your days putting you in a bad mood. You know how that turns out.

It ruins relationships. It’s hard to work out differences when you are always so uptight, right? A good relationship is based on love.

Stress can capsize your love boat very fast so make sure you are doing whatever it takes to remove that stress storm out of your life so you can coast on easy waters.

Above all this, stress just plain sucks!

What about your affirmations?

Well think about it. If you are talking bad about yourself 90% of the time and most of THAT time is subconscious, how are affirmations going to have a fighting chance to take root?

If you are trying to install new beliefs and YOU know those beliefs are not true you are literally lying to yourself.

Think about when you lie to someone else. Don’t you feel bad feelings like guilt and shame? Those feelings create more stress, so in essence your affirmations are doing the opposite of what you want. This is on top of the fact that they never took root, because again, most of these are inaccessible in your subconscious.

Wait! What about all that GOOD I want in my life?

You may have heard of the book The Secret or The Law of Attraction. You may even be working with your affirmations trying to change your negative thoughts so you can attract more abundance in your life.

Again, this is a tough one, when you are working against the huge obstacle of your subconscious.

Your internal hard drive

I am absolutely no computer expert so please bear with me.

I look at your brain or mind like it is a huge computer. Your mind is already programed with all those negative thoughts. If you have a program installed on your computer, you can’t just keep dumping in new programs.

After a while your computer doesn’t have any available space left, then it starts crashing all the time.

Not a happy computer or owner.

Make space

You need to uninstall your old programs, THEN install the new ones. It sounds simple right? It is if you have the right tools.

The tool you have for this, is right at your fingertips.

Literally at your FINGERTIPS! You have this amazing tool of The Healing Codes which uses your fingertips to neutralize your old programming or thoughts and THEN reinstall the new empowering uplifting programming that will bring you into a healing loving state of well being!


In as little as 6 minutes you can use this method like antivirus software, removing all that old outdated gunked up programming then….

Wait for it….

You get to use the SAME Healing Codes tool to reinstall the awesome new programming! The new affirmations, self talk, and beliefs all with that same tool!

Man, I don’t know about you but this is exciting, easy, effective and with very little time. Hmmmmmm

So what now?

Well I think you need to ask yourself how important YOU are to YOU. Are you worth having positive self talk? Are YOU worth giving yourself some lovin today?

This isn’t complicated at all. We are talking about simply taking a 6 minute break, to clean up your life. And while you are at it, maybe doing some maintenance and upgrading.

I think you ARE worth it!

Melissa Zoske is a Certified Healing Codes Coach- Practitioner. To read more articles or if you need help on your healing journey please visit her website at or connect with her via Google+




Are You Living in Live HD or Streaming Past Reruns?

Melissa Zoske, Certified Healing Codes PractitionerAre You Streaming Your life?

My kids finally talked me into getting one of those Apple TV streaming devices. I have to admit, it’s been pretty cool looking at all the options there are in TV reruns.

As I was sitting, going through the shows, it came to me how so many of us stream reruns of our lives.

Streaming our lives allows us to avoid the current situations we are supposed to be living in right now.

We stream it instead of live it. I think most of us can be guilty of this to a certain degree.

When I say “streaming” our lives, what I mean is we really don’t live life in the moment. We look back, watching virtual reruns of our lives. We judge the actions we took then and replay them over and over.  We beat ourselves up over bad decisions and even replay unforgiveness, anger and rage over past things done to us.

Heal your past

The Healing Codes is the best way to deal with these past emotions. Using a code to let them go easily can’t be beat and certainly is a better option than reliving that space in time over and over. The best part is, using The Healing Codes can help you live life in the moment. Every time you are practicing a code, you are connecting to the NOW, to THIS moment.  Yes, in the beginning of your session, you place your intention of what you want to heal from the past, but that is it, you are done and you let it go at that point.

Love the Present

Living right now, in our own Reality HD TV episodes, allows us to live our lives to the fullest. We aren’t missing out on life as it speeds by. We are able to see clearly and make decisions easier with less conflict clouding our judgment.

I am not saying to ignore your experiences from the past. Those have valuable lessons for all of us, so use what you can. Just don’t get pulled back into replaying those old episodes over and over. Use a Healing Code to heal any negative emotions that are tied to those experiences. Then, you are able to actually access them and use them as they were intended, which is in the form of wisdom.

By living in the NOW, we are able to do one of the biggest things that we can ONLY do right now, and that is change.

Brighten up your future

We can’t change events from the past and we can’t change them in the future. Change only happens in the present and that will influence your future outcome.  By working on healing the issues of your heart today, you will be able to see things in a better, brighter light. It may not change the past events, but it creates a peace that does change how you feel about them.

So stop streaming reruns of your life today.  Make the changes you need to make right now and make this HD Life episode the best one ever.

Melissa Zoske is a Certified Healing Codes Coach- Practitioner. To read more articles or if you need help on your healing journey please visit her website at