Anne and Jack Stewart’s Amazing Healing Codes Journey

Anne and Jack Stewart’s Amazing Healing Codes Journey

My Personal Miracle.

Me and illness are strangers. A few accidents, hangovers, colds etc., fine. But just over two weeks ago, something hit me like a runaway train. Back pain, acid reflux, indigestion, headache, and worst of all, a head spinning with relentless, repetitive, dark thoughts. I felt like poison was in my system.

No matter what I did, there was no escape. I went with the pain; I fought it. I don’t take pills. But this was so bad, I would have done. Except my stomach was so painful, I would rather have the headache than make my stomach pain worse though aspirin or paracetamol.

All attempts to mitigate the living nightmare failed. I couldn’t concentrate to do or accept any healing. The intensity was overwhelming. I was almost screaming in pain and frustration. If death had been an option, I would have taken it. My wife Anne commanded Jesus to heal me [I had no idea she had]. In an instant-literally an instant-the pain went, and I burst out laughing.

I got some sleep that night. For the next two weeks, my appetite deserted me, and the symptoms above varied in intensity. Part of me wanted to know ‘What are the lessons of this condition?’ I resisted anything that might release it.

However, this Wednesday night [February 16 h 2011] the whole lot came back with a vengeance. Added in were palpitations. I’d had it with ‘lessons’ and wanted it to go. Desperately. So, I crept out of bed, went into the lounge, sat still, and started to do the Healing Codes. At first it was a struggle. The pain and negative thinking was intense. But I persisted. The experience I was having was a sure-fire 10. My mind went back to an earlier memory. Another 10. I said the prayer.

My mind and body were flooded with unconditional love and gratitude. Slowly the earlier memory went down to zero. Slowly the nightmare, complete with all the pain and poisonous thoughts went. To zero.

I couldn’t stop smiling. I was completely pain and symptom free. A miracle. After years of helping hundreds of people have their own miracles, I had had mine.

I went back to bed. Slept, but woke up again after a few hours. Back to the lounge. More self-administered Healing Codes. The most amazing earlier memories came up. Ten to zero, ten to zero.

For the last two days, Anne has insisted on giving me regular sessions of the Healing Codes. Level ten experiences and memories seemed to have deserted me. However, all [level 6 to 8 experiences] have dropped to zero at increasing speed. My appetite has returned, I am almost pain and discomfort free, my optimism has come back, a smile is on my face, and I have a knowing that my health will be back to 100% very soon.

I have no idea what brought this on. I’m certain I haven’t been poisoned. I’ve been working too hard.

Since this began, we have conducted two Healing Codes talks, I have helped one client [successfully of course], and a workshop beckons tomorrow. During each of these, my health was 100%.

I suspect there is a lesson here somewhere!

Thank God for the Healing Codes.

Jack Stewart.

Love & Light,

Jack & Anne Stewart

Jack and Anne have a Healing Codes Program in the UK


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