Angel Stories – Mother and Son

Angel Stories – Mother and Son

Presented by The Healing Codes but in her own words –

I was home one winter evening in Atlanta – our winters tend to be pretty mild.  My son, who is a truck driver, was out on the road and all of a sudden I got the urge to call him.  I was unable to reach him and laid down in bed unable to sleep for some reason.

When I couldn’t reach him I just left a message saying that I loved him. Being a Buddhist, I started chanting on my back.  The message was to chant (pray).

Around 3:00 am the phone rang and it was a call from my son.  He first told me that he was okay, but that he was in a bad snow storm in the mountains in Colorado and that his truck had been in an accident (not a bad one but he was waiting on the side of the road for assistance).

While he waited for assistance he watched many cars collide and in trouble on the road.  He checked his messages and noticed that I called.

My call was the exact time that his truck went off the road and the “I love you” message was just what he needed to hear at that time.  He still drives his 18-wheeler but no longer travels long distances, but I thank God every day for the small miracles and the angels watching over us and our children…….


Dr. Imani Ma’at

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  1. What a beautiful story. Mothers and children are connected for life – even after the umbilical cord is cut:) God Bless both of you.

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