7 Secrets of The Healing Codes – Part 3

7 Secrets of The Healing Codes – Part 3

Secret #3: Issues of the Heart (called many things by modern science—cellular-memory, unconscious, subconscious, etc.) Are The Control Mechanism for Health.

The underlying cause of all stress is trauma and the resulting misinformation that is stored as cellular memory. In the old way of looking at things we assumed diseases were caused by something physical going wrong in the body. But increasingly we now know that disease is triggered by faulty beliefs that result from trauma. The trauma puts us into a stress reaction that causes physical, mental, and spiritual illness. What’s more the trauma does not have to be severe to cause disease.

Here’s how Dr. Johnson understands what happened when he practiced the techniques of the Healing Codes. “So what was this perfect code? This incredible technique? Actually, we were not even focusing on the Lou Gehrig’s disease at all. We were focusing on a few cellular memories from my childhood, the kind that all of us can relate to. There were no huge traumas in my life. I was never sexually abused. I was never beaten, and I promise you I never missed a meal.” But he goes on to say that, like all of us, he did get messages that he internalized and under the right circumstances could cause disease later in his life. “I still had ‘bad programming’ that was sending stress signals to my cells and causing disease.”

He goes on to say that not coincidentally Southwestern University Medical School, Stanford University Medical School, Harvard Medical School, and New York University Medical School have all released research indicating that these types of cellular memories may very well be the missing piece of the puzzle in health and healing.

Cancer can be a result of bad cellular memories replacing good ones. Psychological trauma, addiction and depression may all be furthered by abnormal memories inside the cells. Diseases that turn up later in life, scientists suspect, may be due to errant memories programmed into cells as people age.

Now scientists are striving to understand how cells acquire these memories and perhaps treat disease at its roots by adjusting them. “This may provide one of the most powerful ways of curing illness,” said Eric Nestler, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the Friedman Brain Institute at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York.
For many diseases, he says, treatments today aren’t much better than Band-Aids. They address a disease’s symptoms, but not its cause. “Harnessing this knowledge,” Nestler said, “offers the potential of really correcting the abnormality.”


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