What THC do

What Do The Healing Codes Do?

The only thing the Codes address is stress.  Medical advice is outside of what we do.  The Healing Codes approach is to remove stress so the body is most able to heal itself. If you are taking steps to reduce stress, heal cellular memories, angers, resentments, and achieve a sense of gratitude, love and respect for your self then you are on the right path. Codes are not created for a disease.  They are created to remove stress related memories at the cellular level, whether you are aware of them or not.

Once you have successfully addressed the stress that is hampering the most miraculous healing system in the world, the one you were born with; your immune system begins to function the way it was designed to and can heal almost anything.

And that’s OK.  Look at our testimonial page.  That’s where you need to focus.  You must heal your healing systems.  All Practitioners are familiar with creating customized codes to help restore your body’s natural abilities… And that’s what you want to do.