What if The Healing Codes is Not Working the Way You Expect – Part 5


Did this issue originate before I was born or while I was preverbal?

If you have been finding and healing memories for your issue but still feel like you’re stuck, it may be a problem that began before you were born, because of issues that occurred during the time your mother was pregnant with you or during the earliest years when you couldn’t even put words together to explain to yourself what was happening.

“Studies have demonstrated that a mother’s stress responses during pregnancy directly affect the developing infant (Scaer, 2005); indeed, … children can actually be born with PTSD symptoms.” Cherie Spehar

Those are definitely the hardest memories to find, and they can be the most difficult ones to heal. With any memories, whether they happened before birth or are preverbal, often just acknowledging that you are including them in the healing process is all it takes to target them. So if you suspect that you have memories that early or from before you were born, you can have a Healing Codes coach test to confirm it or just add a provision for that possibility to your prayer before doing the codes.

In each of these cases I’ve presented in this series, it can help to have a Healing Codes coach test you to make sure these problems are not a negative influence on your healing experience. But if you are not working with a coach right now, and something seems to be keeping your Healing Codes experience from going the way it should, I recommend considering these questions.

For any that seem likely for you, include them in your prayer or statement of intention. Even if you are not sure, you can add them in as possibilities. And that way, you’ll know you are addressing the problem in each code session.

Jeanine Byers

Know that you are meant to heal
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  1. I bought and read the book, but exactly how I must do the healing codes for our grandchild (1 year old) who suffers of severe eczema all over his body and face, is still not clear to me. So, I pray the suggested prayer in the book and start doing the hand positions while saying the same prayer with each hand position. I am doing this healings for the past 2 months, but with no results.

    Can somebody give me some advice, please.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Dalene!

      Sorry you aren’t seeing the results you were hoping to see. But it sounds like you are doing just fine.

      You pray the suggested prayer, do the hand positions for your grandchild and then release the code to your grandchild, either verbally, or if your grandchild is present, by touching him.