What if The Healing Codes is Not Working the Way You Expect? Part 3


Is stress getting in your way?

Are you experiencing some form of ongoing stress? Or sudden stress?

Let me give you an example. If you are doing codes for an ongoing health concern but you recently had a very upsetting fight with your best friend, and it has been practically all you can think about for the past few days, that stress is definitely going to interfere with your experience of doing the Healing Codes.

What I recommend to my clients is that if something has happened recently that was very stressful, they take at least one of their code times each day to focus on that stress until it lessens dramatically or goes away completely.

But what if you have an ongoing stressor?

Like a very strained relationship with a family member you see frequently. Or an angry boss who makes every workday unpleasant.

In situations like that, there are three options to consider…

(1)    You can make that situation your primary issue for a while, until it is less troubling. Because, believe me, ongoing stress will divide your focus. You’re telling your bodymindspirit to use the energy you’re directing its way to heal the issue you’ve chosen, but it wants to help you resolve that stress.

(2)    The other option is to do one code a day for that stress on an ongoing basis. I don’t recommend this one on a long-term basis, but it might work out okay for a week or so. Longer than that might be a strain on your body’s resources, which would make healing responses more likely.

(3)    Don’t use the codes for your stress but find & choose other ways to lessen your experience of stress. Sleep more, take chamomile tea to work, minimize your contact with the family member you have the strained relationship with and make sure you are taking very good care of yourself in other ways. Be proactive about lessening that stress you’re experiencing. Don’t just put up with it.

Jeanine Byers

Know that you are meant to heal

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  1. Hi jeanine,

    I like the affirmation: know that you are menat to heal.

    Many thansk for this series. I have done the 36 days set healing code for my Hypothyroid, and High antibodies (antithyrogloblin) produced by Pituitary glands that attack the Thyroid and cause Hypo. My TSH was 10.26, I tested after finishing the 36 set, it came down to 7.16, and antithyroglobline came down from 516 to 436, it’s an improvement but not complete healing.

    My question, what do you suggest I do, shall I continue doing the 36 day set again or what because I need to eliminate both conditions and have a normal TSH like 4 or 3, and with normal antibodies under 116.

    On the other hand, sometimes, I feel my heart is beating faster and there’s an unsettleing sensation in my test while I do the coeds, any help here please?

    Appreciate your reply and blessings

    • Hi Mahasen!

      Congratulations on your improvement!!! So happy to hear that.

      From the last thing you said, though, it sounds like you might be having a healing response. If so, that is definitely the next thing to do with your code, until that is not happening anymore.

      As to what to do next, if we were working together, I’d test you to know what to tell you. Without that, I suggest whichever feels right to you as you continue.



      • Hi Jeanine,

        Many thanks for replying.

        How can I handle healing response please before moving to the next step?

        On the other hand, I’m so proud of healing myself, but to help me decide if I need to go for your testing, I would like to know more about your testing and your fees please.


        • You’re welcome!

          If you are having a healing response, use the same code but change your code’s focus to resolving the healing response until the healing response symptoms are gone. Do that code more often each day (once an hour or so if you can) because frequency seems to help resolve them more quickly.

          If you’d like to talk more about working with me, I’d be happy to do that. If you go to my website, there’s an email button up at the top on the right that will help us connect.

          Meanwhile, I hope your healing response resolves quickly!


  2. Hi Jeanine, I don’t quite understand one of your answers – #2. Why does doing a code a day for a specific stress wear upon your body’s resources? Are you saying you can do too many codes, or spend too much time doing codes? Or do you mean something else? Thank you for answering – I am new to the codes and trying to put all the pieces together! Grace
    ps – Is there a specific code for auto-immune, esp. auto-immune related to the kidneys? Thank you!

    • Hi Grace!

      I’m sorry my answer wasn’t clear. What I meant was that I think it’s best to focus on one issue at a time, so if you are doing the codes for one issue and interrupting that to do them for a particular stressor, you are giving yourself two different directives.

      I wouldn’t suggest it as a long-term plan.

      And yes, I think you can overwhelm yourself with the codes. That is powerful energy you are using on yourself. Sometimes, when you experience a kind of overwhelm, you’ll have a healing response.

      Does that help?

      Also, are you working with the manual? If so, that would be where you would look for specific codes. If you are using the book then you would use that code.


  3. Dear Jeanine,
    Supposing all the known issues are cleared up, are you supposed to do the codes anyway?

    Paul Angielczyk

    • Hi Paul!

      Fabulous question! May we all experience that question in our own lives.

      I would say yes, for maintenance. The Healing Codes balances the autonomic nervous system. I would do a code for staying in balance.

      Or, you could do a code at the end of the day for anything that happened that day that needs to heal.

      What do you think? A code once a day each day to keep things going as well as they are?