What if The Healing Codes is Not Working the Way You Expect? Part 1


Though I know from my 11 years of experience as a Healing Codes coach that The Healing Codes is a powerful system that will change your life if you use it, sometimes my clients find that it’s not quite working the way we thought it would. When something goes wrong, we get on the phone and test until we find the problem.

This blog series and list of questions I will be suggesting in each post represents the most common problems we find…

Am I having a healing response?

One of the things that is likely to happen as you pursue healing and dedicate yourself to the issue/cellular memories you are working on is that initially you will feel much better and then, may feel a little discomfort. Nine times out of ten, that discomfort is your signal that you are having a healing response.

A healing response is a sign that you are healing the problem or issue you are working on, and that your body is attempting to release the toxic material associated with those cellular memories being healed. But there is some delay or “traffic jam” keeping them from being released completely and what’s happening, instead, is that you are experiencing them in some form: headaches, irritability, sleepiness, upset stomach, sadness, etc.

The mistake some people make when this happens is to try to “tough it out” by continuing to do their codes, hoping that the symptoms will just go away. Instead, the symptoms get worse, and more symptoms present themselves!! If there were an actual traffic jam, it would be like deliberately sending more cars in that direction. Or, to put it another way, it would be like trying to add more fiber to your diet, noticing that you’re constipated, choosing to ignore that and continuing to eat more fiber.

Instead, use the same code but change your focus to resolving the healing response until the healing response symptoms are gone.

Jeanine Byers

Know that you are meant to heal


  1. Hi,
    I’m doing the codes and frankly I don’t feel to much relief , I’ ve been doing the codes for 1 week but I already got customized codes , well those codes expired and now I’m focusing in my issue wich is depression and sexual represión but I feel more depressed and a lot of anxiety I’m eating a lot of food. could you tell me how can I solve this healing response ?what should I do especificaly thanks.

    • Hi Jhon!

      It does sound like you’re having a healing response.

      Here’s what you can do: use the same code that you were using for your depression and sexual repression (or if those were 2 separate codes, choose one) but change your focus and your intention from those issues to resolving the healing response.

      Once you are feeling completely better, go back to the issues you were working on before. Hope your healing response symptoms go away soon!


      • Hi,
        The coacher told me that the codes are just for the first two weeks , and I don’t know why I can’t continue using the codes after that, could you explain me that?. I ask you this because you say that I should use those again. In the other hand I haven’t found a significal relief in this two weeks using the custom codes so I don’t know where the healing is.

        • Were you doing a custom-guided codes session with Dr. Alex or working one-on-one with a coach?

          If it was a custom-guided code, you can use it for the healing response, and then get a new one when you go back to the issues you were working on. If you are working one-on-one with a coach, then your coach can give you a custom code just for the healing response.


  2. It seems unlikely that if you are not seeing any results that a coach is needed. For those that have money issues a coach is not an option. Are you saying a coach is the only way to break out of the resistance?

    • Hi Jane!

      A coach can test to find out what the problem is, to confirm that it’s a healing response or that it is resistance, and also can give you a custom code for that specific issue.

      But no, I am not saying that hiring a coach is the only way to resolve resistance or a healing response. In fact, I have given several suggestions in this blog series that can be done without a coach.


  3. Hi

    my name is Andre. I am a 45 year old Swiss. Since a while i have a depression, that doesnt go away. Now i try your codes. Since then it got worse. In the morning i am crying a lot and i am really tired. In my head there is a constant sound as if bees would fly around and i have problems to concentrate on other things than bad thoughts. I have difficulties to find the right picture to heal. Should I concentrate on a picture the time the depression began or on the actual state?

    Thanks for your answer


    • Andre, it sounds like you are having a healing response. I don’t know this for sure since I haven’t tested you as your coach but that is definitely what it sounds like to me!! Tiredness is the most common healing response symptom.

      So I recommend using the same code but directing it resolving the healing response. By that I mean to switch your focus to praying about and focusing the code on the healing response until you feel better.

      Once you are feeling completely better, you can go back to working on your issue and then you can choose a positive picture to focus on if you want. That will help keep your thoughts positive.

      Let me know how it goes!


  4. Dear mrs. Janine, I am using the Codes from past june but without having good results for my illness: I am suffering of a serious neurological desease (ALS) and the illness is getting worse, even if in a slow form.

    Neverthless, I cannot say that the application of codes is quite useless, because all my little health problems (headache, contusions, etc.) disappeared.

    I am an italian 67 years old professor and discovered the book of dr. Alex in the past spring; what can I do to improve my health ? At present, I have low energy and am walking with difficulties.

    Thank you for your reply !

    • Hi Dino!

      Have you tried working with a coach? That is what I would recommend if you are not experiencing the results you want. A coach can use testing to try to discover what might be holding you back and also can encourage you to keep going when it’s not quite going the way you’d hoped.

      Tom Costello has worked with a lot of ALS clients before and I suggest contacting him.

      And I wish you the best as you continue with the codes!


  5. i have been using the simple codes for several years and the only result i have had, an important one, is that if I use them 3 times a day, the intense pain from the herniated vertebrae at heart level goes. But it comes back as soon as i stop using them so regularly, meaning it’s not healed, just the pain kept at bay.

    I don’t go into emotional issues, i just follow the instructions in the book and do the 6 minute healing request with the fingers.

    is there something i haven’t understood, and will i have to spend these 18 minutes every day for life to not have the pain or is there something i can do to really heal it?

    Thank you, claire

    • Claire, remember that when we do the codes our focus is the unhealed memories and the limiting beliefs connected to the issue you are working on, not the issue itself. And if you have been doing the codes, then it is highly likely that some of those memories & beliefs have healed.

      But you can choose to target specific ones using the memory finder exercise. And you also can try to find the limiting beliefs that might be in the way. I offer clients a shadow session to find out if resistance is a problem.

      You also could work with a coach to determine what percentage of memories and beliefs have healed (so you’ll know how far you have come) and get a personalized code to use with your issue.