What do YOU See?

What do YOU see?

Our wonderful practitioner Thea Benny has some thoughts on this that are really worth sharing.

‘If What we See in Our-HEARTS is changing, the way Our-HEART SEES things and people and issues and ourselves is changing ….. We start to experience all this in a different way.  Healing the Issues of The-HEART….. awesome!!!!!

And you know what??? It also works the other way around. So much of our negative programming comes out of negative feedback, judgment, criticism, all that we were told. But if that came from the pain and hurt and fear in the HEART of those that said it? What if what they were seeing was not us but their pain and hurt and fear? And we take it in as facts, accept and believe it and then we’re stuck with that negative programming. So let’s heal those places in Our-HEART.’

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  1. This is a wonderful set of observations that ring very true to me. Thank you Thea and Cathy!