Using The Healing Codes

Many folks doing their Coding express struggles with their ‘Mind’ being busy…making decisions, judgements, Chatting AT us, with all the BUSYness that mind is so skilled at.

These words here are just in the hope it gives you new insights into what seems to be going on as we Code, and therefore to give you Confidence in what you are doing even though it may feel look and seem ‘totally odd’ to you right now. 

The way The Healing Codes are working is that they ARE Energy. As you use your HC’s the non love vibrations you are collapsing into Love Vibrations, is the process that is going on. Its happening so swiftly that it is seeming to be much Faster than the rate we are Taking On more stress…so we are working back through the immediate stress AND the longer stored stress.

The really SUBTLE effect that is going on in you while all this is happening is that your own vibration is gently Lifting, Raising your Vibration…and the speed this will happen is going to be different for each of us for a varied list of reasons…and yet it IS happening for all of us who Code Consistantly, whether we can KNOW it with our Mind.

It is the ENERGY, the vibrating particles of us, that is seeming to be doing this and its own highly Wise intelligence just Knows how to go about this healing for YOU, in your way, at your pace, in the order that you seem to need it even if you don’t ‘understand’ with your mind, why its that way.

Your Mind thinking process is more of a mechanical kind of ‘action’ in us all…yet what we call our Consciousness, linked to the idea of Universal Consciousness, IS the Energy that THC is too…and its also God Consciousness…so its very Different from our Mind thinking.

As you are doing your Healing Codes you are ‘working’ that Consciousness Energy & its made up of tiny particles & these are what the Quantum Physics new knowing is now able to ‘see’ & to ‘prove’ is part of what is going on in ‘Consciousness’.

..and its only Part of what we know…we are just starting to learn about this new Resource,… that has been Both us, & here for us All Along… 

The tiny particles that make up this Energy, IS your Energy, is also the Energy in the air, in the plants, animals everything everyone, and its the SAME Energy that is God, Source Creator, Universal Consciousness, YOUR Consciousness…
…ah…and remember…NOT your Mind.

Good to give your Mind a rest as you Code.
What you ARE activating with your fingertips as you Code IS really also a PART of You and Bigger Cleverer & more Capable than we have human words to language it all, more fully, yet.
As your Vibration raises, so all of what you can do, feel, perceive, sense, think & BE, is E x p a n d i n g.
YOU feel more calm, clearer, more relaxed, even in the middle of Life tossing about.
ALL the parts of you are working at a Heighten Skill Level.
Keep Coding and this will all keep happening More expandedly as you go along.
You just plain FEEL BETTER.
..and better & Better…

With LOVE to you all…Susan in OZ.

Susan Glynn – Certified Healing Codes Practitioner, Australia

The Healing Codes Australia 


  1. Estoy muy agradecida por las comunicaciones que me envían sobre los Códigos Curativos. Lo realizo mañana y noche y en verdad estoy durmiendo muy bien a pesar de mis 78 años. Todavía trabajo y dicto clases de Reflexología, al igual que la trabajo con mis pacientes que viven muy agradecidos. Les pido el favor de tener en cuenta una paciente con cáncer en sistema óseo, oremos todos por ella ´porque desea salir adelante.
    Muchas gracias y Dios les bendiga hoy y siempre,
    H.María Betsabé

    • Gracias H.Maria Betsabe. Es alentador escuchar lo bien que se va utilizando los códigos de sanación.
      Estoy usando “traductor Google ‘, así que espero que me dieron este pedacito siguiente razón …
      Usted pide oraciones para un paciente con “cáncer del sistema esquelético” … ¿sería el cáncer de hueso?
      Pondré a esta persona en mi lista de curación, así como solicitar al Grupo que Healing Codes en Facebook para orar por ellos.
      ¿Te gustaría eso?
      With Love … Susan Glynn.

  2. I have had allergy all my life unbearable , been doing healing code for over 6mos my allergy are almost gone , when I get attack from the algeries I do the code , it clear my head up , this is just great , Thank You

    • Hi Douglas Goossen…it is so Good to hear your experiences of your Allergies going by using The Healing Codes.
      …and that ”it clear your head up” as you say…that too, is a really good feeling for you.
      Using the Codes collapses the stress that your body is expressing, as allergy, and so once that stress cause is cleared, the whole need to have an allergy just falls away.
      Sometimes the simplicity of this just seems so amazing that it IS this simple. 🙂