Uncover Your “Calling”

Colorful Music Background Vector IllustrationI listened the other day to an inspiring message by Kevin Miller on “calling.” I was especially interested in the topic because helping people find their calling has always been part of my calling.

Kevin built his message around the Frederick Buechner definition of calling: “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

That got me to pondering what my own calling is. I’ve known it for quite some time, but it feels like God keeps refining and clarifying it for me.

My calling is actually based on another quote, this time from Henry David Thoreau: “Most men live lives of quiet desperation, and die with the song still in them.” My “deep gladness” has always been to help people to hear and express the song God put in them to sing.

When I was a publishing coach, I helped people express “the song” God had put in them via getting a book published. But then I realized that most people don’t even know they have a song in them. Or, if they do, they can’t hear it. There is too much “static” from the “heart issues” for them to even perceive they were made to sing, let alone hear and express the unique “song” that God put them on earth to sing.

So now, as a Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner, my call is to help people to heal from the things that cause them to “live lives of quiet desperation,” so that they are able to first hear, then express, “the song that is in them.”

And what is that song? A friend said, and it fits perfectly: “God’s frequency of Love for each person.” How interesting, she went on to observe, that I would use frequencies–which is what The Healing Codes are and what they unlock–to do this healing work.

My “deep gladness” is definitely a deep hunger of most people. I believe it is because GOD has put a song in each one of us. In the depths of our hearts, each of us knows that we were made for something great. Human beings were made for Love.

If you don’t know what your calling is, I urge you not to settle for not knowing. You were made to know. I can tell you from experience that it is one of the deepest thrills of life to live out your unique calling. Heal the things that get in the way of your hearing and expressing your “song.”

Healing is possible! It is available. Use The Healing Code from the book or The Healing Codes from the Manual, or contact me or another coach.

Please, please don’t “die with the song still in you.”

Diane Eble is a Certified Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner and worked with Dr. Alex Loyd on the editing and publishing of The Healing Code book. For articles and help with healing heart issues, visit her website at


  1. After disconnecting myself from vital living in many aspects, falling into separation in many ways, from myself disconnected, my pull aways from the vibrations and energy of allowing source to guide me. I allowed major distractions with the decline of my health, falling into the survival mode and barely existing with what felt like l distanced myself from all that I “know” to be true, waddling in my self created illusions of a life I could not connect with, distancing myself from myself and the loving force of life! I “woke up” one day to see the miserable mess I created…and finally said NO MORE! I am now reclaiming my life, whole and complete. I call it “Championing Life Challenges” which is only possible with my pure intentions to hold to my Hope, Faith, Trust, Beliefs…and most of all love. So starting with self acceptance and self love…I am co-creating a new life, the life of my dreams that has always been intended. I have so much to offer in service to others, yet the big step here is loving and accepting myself completely…for I can not give what I do not have! But of Course!

    I relate to what Jeannene shares, as I am limited with physical abilities to get out of my home. The difference I have found is that the any limitations I may conceive are illusions I’ve created that I will overcome. I have the world at my fingertips, and I am unstoppable once I am clear with pure intentions from my soul. I am guided back here and found a blessing. I am filled with joy, and hope…never too late to start again, no need to start over from where I left off…as the journey ahead promises so much more than all the achievements and accomplishments I have obtained in very abundant and successful careers.

    I am at the point to be very clear with my calling. I have so many desires and directions my experiences will lend to in wonderful ways in service. As I said, first to clear my health with the Health Codes. I believe many of us, myself included, tend to complicate the simplest of our life journey and calling. I now step out of my own way and allow the highest vibrations of love and equisite energy to take the lead and guide me, as I take each necessary step and action to step fully into my calling with ease and peace.

    I trust some of what I’m sharing here will make sense. It is in my soul, ready to be realized and manifested. I welcome any suggestions and opinions with an open heart and soul…this is the beginning of not a new chapter but a new “Book” I will author this with divine guidance and direction. I am thrilled to pull out of that dark abys and feel the warmth of the sunshine, the beautiful rays filter through the limbs of the tall pines, glimmer and reflect of the leaves, and glow radiantly with love…as the evening follows the sparkle of the stars with the moon illuminate life allowing me to see beyond the shadows of darkness I lived in just weeks ago.

    A very lengthy reply indeed. Would be so grateful to receive a reply from you Diane. Closing with gratitude and the opportunity to share here with you.

  2. Hi Diane , I loved this E mail about our calling. I have long believed I was led to do Evangelsim and pray for healing for people. I have had this vision for over 6 years. Sadly in that time my health has steadily declined so that I have not been able to go out and do the work I believed He called me to do.
    I’m getting older every month (74 now) so Ii don’t know if I should just give up this vision or not.

    • Jeannene, I have an idea of how you can do what you desire without having to do anything but stay at a computer. Go to my Healing Hearts Prayer Circle link ( and start praying for those people and their issues. You might even be able to correspond with them. Even if you can’t do any Healing Codes for them, you can pray, and that is very powerful. I’m sure everyone would be very comforted to know there was at least one person praying for them daily (besides me).

      God is never limited by our limitations. You may not be able to “get out there” but we all have the world at our fingertips now, via technology. I minister to clients from all over the world now, without leaving my home!