Truth? Love?

Will someone say? –
Is there total right or wrong?
Is there good as well as evil?
Is truth revealed in feeling as in doing?
Or else defined by thought or action?
Is commitment found in words alone? –
Or in our daily tasks remembered?
Must commitment’s shirt be always iron? –
Or may it be of heart-spun silk?
Is freedom ever to be bound? –
Or may we bind ourselves in freedom?
Is love in some? in all? in none?
Will someone answer?

(c) Douglas Robinson – May 10, 2014

susanglynnMY ANSWERS…Susan Glynn

As it seems to me at this time in our human knowledge and with whatever ‘guidence’ may write through my pen…  🙂

With a little ‘poetic’ license here, maybe Truth needs to be discussed first, even though it was not strictly your first question.

There really Does seem to be ‘something listening’ and willing to give answers when we humble humans cry out for “Pure Truth Only Please”.

Truth arrives to our Hearts and its our Hearts that Sense our way through life, assisting us to stay true to that path of simple pure Truth.

This ‘Something’ thats listening & answering, also seems to have GOOD, or the power of Pure LOVE, as its baseline, to help us, willing to assist us, to in some way Progress us Forwards, to gain ALL human Experiences & grow in life.

Much human knowledge points to another baseline…that which tells us that ‘We Create’ with our Focus in life.
Put our Focus single-pointedly anywhere, and this Creates.
This wisdom has been ‘told to us’ down through the ages of our perceived ‘time’.

Pure LOVE seems to be the Rocket Fuel energy that activates all of life the most powerfully.

‘Free Will’ would be, that we can Select what it is we wish to create, and design our lives Consciously, just with the pure aim and Concentration intensity, of our Focus.
Here would be the ‘Yes’ answer to the trio of Feeling, Thought and Action being ‘assistants’ in defining what it is we are creating.
And if you thought this all has to ‘take time’ and be ‘hard work’ with deep long meditative focus sessions, my ‘guidence’ says it can equally be, that you casually excitedly Love ‘the idea of something’ you’ve wished for, asked for it, and it CAN just Arrive swiftly. Ask & Let go. That your own ‘inner state’ is not vibrating ‘neediness’ or ‘fear of Not getting’ IS the key here, & yes, things Can come very swiftly if you are ‘light’ about it.

Some of us have taken this premise as Possible. Then clearly stated our Life’s Intention is to Expand this existence, through the Power of LOVE & Good, as far as we individually can stretch it, in this lifetime.

This ‘Creating’ IS then assisted by us asking for only the Pure Truth please…as our guideline. With this and our own enthusiasm for growing our human capacity to its Ultimate Possible Pristine Perfection, then becomes a Path, a ‘stepping into’ of the natural power of the Flow of Expansion we have been given to understand IS the Resource here for us to just Be In, to help us fascilitate this ‘All Possible’ that we yearn to play within.

Right or Wrong you ask? Based on what is already said, then ANYthing we create is not needing to be either right or wrong as it will just BE what we set out to Experience, to Gain ALL human experiences.

This can be a strong thing to hear, as we are very caught up (at this time in human progress) in Judging.
Along with that, goes lists of pre-conceived ideas of ‘bad’ things happening, being ‘Wrong’.

Well…if we are setting out to Experience life in a body, this lifetime, and we designed it to have a list of certain experiences SO THAT we find out what it is like to go through all that, and get to pick up on all the nuances & subtelties of the experiences, then ANYTHING is going to be part of the doing of that.
I hope this is clear for you as it has far reaching implications.

Commitment is found in our Hearts, where Truth lives and where LOVE is created.
So Yes…words, thoughts, actions, daily tasks…they ALL contribute to Commitment.
This then IS Freedom.

Evil…i have left this concept till now, in the hope that you already have noticed that something can exist Only if we focus on it.
The more we put our attention on something we can GROW that with that focus.
WHY would we then, be drawn away from Living in LOVE?

Through our life’s experiences and the ‘taking on’ of NOT feeling good in certain ways, for all kinds of reasons, so, our Minds put Meaning/s to the outcomes and out-workings of our life experiences.
The more ‘not feeling good’ that happens to us, the more Intense the upsets we feel, and so Hurt grows…in all Kinds of directions in us…& mental anguish builds and impacts within our bodies as Pain…and so we are consumed in this Distress till it becomes a huge part of our Attitude in life.
…a filter we view Everything in our life existence, through.

Emotions that Hurt now toxify and putrify till revenge & other nastiness seems our only recourse to how horrid we are now feeling,…and LOVE is SOOOoooo far away, as to now be almost Not Possible for us any longer, while in this stench of distress.
…and yet, intellectually, we could have ‘talked ourselves into’, convinced ourselves…that here, in the hard place…”we’re alright jack.!!!”

WORST feeling of all is that we now think WE ARE that Toxicity that seems to Live IN us. (NOT true…yet we are so now Consumed in it all, that IT too Has us convinced.)
Remember…didn’t we design it & create it this way so we Get THIS experience too?

Fear now drives & grips our lives and all our views of all of life.
“Shirts of Iron” and Hard Attitude AT Every thing and Every one, are made to protect…so WHERE in all this is any space left for “heart-spun silk”?…or LOVE for that matter?… to still be possible in all these angsts?

ALSO…the accumulation of negative feelings, hurts, upsets in life, Ego-run False Pride or Vanity will all ‘twist’ ourselves off that path of Good and shift us away from, so we are far less able to use or give ourselves the huge power Love offers, to be the change-agent to dispell or dissolve all those upsets.

Evil is born of ALL this.
It is just an energy like any other that through hurt-focus & pain-focus, has grown till its a force of its own, enveloping a person’s life till they are convinced its real.
ONLY some humans at any one given time, it seems…are steeped in evil.
Only a few people are drilled down to the intensity of actual Evil.
Yet it too, IS a human experience.
Didn’t we Design & Create it this way?
And yet, only OUR Judgement seems to make it ‘wrong’.

It has taken so many varied Experiences, if we get to here.
We have bound up our own chances of freedom and constricted ourselves.
UNforgivingly Locking us INto ourselves.
So many Judgements we have made with our minds, Over-thinking over-bearing and countermanding, the truth & love that was in our Hearts.
There is more…this is just an Overview to read, and re-read, to contemplate…!!!

Have our Hearts gone away?
Have we ‘lost’ love?
&, NO.!!!

ALL Heart’s LOVE, are In Love, and ARE Love.

UNDERneath you will find your Heart is there…
…all the time…
Waiting, to be looked for…
…dug down to…Embraced…
and set Free to LOVE fully, again.


  1. Oh Thanks Mike,

    Delighted you are getting so much from this article.
    It IS fascinating to get more & different insights when re-reading some things.
    …was hoping this article would contain the ‘layers’ you are discovering. It will be different for each reader.
    In Appreciation…Susan Glynn.

  2. Susan,
    Thank you for your wonderfully written article of such poetic depth. You know you have long been one of my favorites. Your writing presents an understanding rarely seen. As Dr. Alex Loyd says, “all things in Truth and in the spirit of Love.” His wonderful proclamation is something which rings out to me often as I progress through my days. You have taken the explanation of his statement to a new level. Yes, I will read and reread it again. Your thoughts are very worthy. Thank you, Susan!

    • Yes Suzanne Lindsay…i accept your comment as we do all have our place of ‘Enough’, don’t we. 🙂