The Healing Codes and Self Talk

Melissa Zoske, Certified Healing Codes Practitioner

Somebody is talking bad about you.

Who is it?

The neighbor? A relative, that’s not happy with you? A colleague?


The person that says the absolute worst things about you is…..

Drum Roll…..


Recent studies have concluded that 90% of all self-talk is negative. A whopping 90% of what you are saying to yourself, inside your own mind, is self-critical.

What the heck?

How could You be so hard on yourself? Aren’t we all supposed to be loving ourselves, even respecting ourselves?

Thoughts like “How could I be so stupid? My life sucks! I’ll never be good at that, or better yet, I’ll never be good enough.” Run through your mind daily 90% of your day!!!!


This creates that number one bad boy in your life-Stress, or worse, pure anxiety.

You know that stress is the number one cause of disease. It can totally ruin your health. We are talking your HEALTH here! How important is that?

It also ruins your days putting you in a bad mood. You know how that turns out.

It ruins relationships. It’s hard to work out differences when you are always so uptight, right? A good relationship is based on love.

Stress can capsize your love boat very fast so make sure you are doing whatever it takes to remove that stress storm out of your life so you can coast on easy waters.

Above all this, stress just plain sucks!

What about your affirmations?

Well think about it. If you are talking bad about yourself 90% of the time and most of THAT time is subconscious, how are affirmations going to have a fighting chance to take root?

If you are trying to install new beliefs and YOU know those beliefs are not true you are literally lying to yourself.

Think about when you lie to someone else. Don’t you feel bad feelings like guilt and shame? Those feelings create more stress, so in essence your affirmations are doing the opposite of what you want. This is on top of the fact that they never took root, because again, most of these are inaccessible in your subconscious.

Wait! What about all that GOOD I want in my life?

You may have heard of the book The Secret or The Law of Attraction. You may even be working with your affirmations trying to change your negative thoughts so you can attract more abundance in your life.

Again, this is a tough one, when you are working against the huge obstacle of your subconscious.

Your internal hard drive

I am absolutely no computer expert so please bear with me.

I look at your brain or mind like it is a huge computer. Your mind is already programed with all those negative thoughts. If you have a program installed on your computer, you can’t just keep dumping in new programs.

After a while your computer doesn’t have any available space left, then it starts crashing all the time.

Not a happy computer or owner.

Make space

You need to uninstall your old programs, THEN install the new ones. It sounds simple right? It is if you have the right tools.

The tool you have for this, is right at your fingertips.

Literally at your FINGERTIPS! You have this amazing tool of The Healing Codes which uses your fingertips to neutralize your old programming or thoughts and THEN reinstall the new empowering uplifting programming that will bring you into a healing loving state of well being!


In as little as 6 minutes you can use this method like antivirus software, removing all that old outdated gunked up programming then….

Wait for it….

You get to use the SAME Healing Codes tool to reinstall the awesome new programming! The new affirmations, self talk, and beliefs all with that same tool!

Man, I don’t know about you but this is exciting, easy, effective and with very little time. Hmmmmmm

So what now?

Well I think you need to ask yourself how important YOU are to YOU. Are you worth having positive self talk? Are YOU worth giving yourself some lovin today?

This isn’t complicated at all. We are talking about simply taking a 6 minute break, to clean up your life. And while you are at it, maybe doing some maintenance and upgrading.

I think you ARE worth it!

Melissa Zoske is a Certified Healing Codes Coach- Practitioner. To read more articles or if you need help on your healing journey please visit her website at or connect with her via Google+