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Proof of Hope

This is very near and dear to me – proof of hope.  I think hope is such, not only a wonderful thing, but an essential thing.  During a lot of experiments they’ve done with animals, specifically the ones I’ve read are with dogs and mice, they have studied this issue of hope.  They have given dogs rewards for doing certain things.  They’ll be in a metal cage and they’ll reward them with food for doing certain things.  What they’ve found is that if they change that paradigm and change the reward structure so that the dog can’t predict it, they’re not getting the reward when they think they should be, eventually the dog will lay down in the cage, on the metal cage and will be shocked.  Before they lost their hope that would get them to do something.  Once they lose their hope they just lay on the cage and are shocked.  Even if they open the cage the dog still will not move once it has lost hope.

When my wife was depressed, most of you know that’s how I got into The Healing Codes was through my wife’s very severe depression, that was one of the huge issues with her is that she had lost hope.  It’s interesting – a while back she changed her name to “Hope” because that was such a big issue for her and now she has her hope back.

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