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When You Can’t Find Memories …

In an earlier post, I answered a question about what to do if you have too many memories. Here is the opposite problem: what to do if you can’t find any earlier memories connected to the feeling in your issue.

Q: “I have health problems but don’t know what caused them. I can’t remember anything in my past that may have brought them on. How do I do a Healing Code without having pictures to heal from the past? Can I just picture the health problem I have now?”

A: You don’t always need to find earlier pictures, though it is helpful and seems to speed up the healing when you can find them. Your heart always finds and heals many earlier memories without your being aware of them. It just speeds up the process if you can access at least some of the earlier memories. So, it may take you a little longer to heal your physical issue if you don’t have memories. Be patient with the process.

The best way to try to access memories is to ask yourself how you feel about your physical issue. Then ask yourself when is another time you felt that way about anything, not just a similar issue.

Many clients cannot remember much from childhood. That is usually a sign that there is quite a lot of “heart junk” underneath. Some people have what Dr. Bradley Nelson calls a “heart wall” that keeps them from being in touch with their hearts.

The Healing Codes can heal a heart wall, and in fact, I believe it’s automatically a part of the process. It doesn’t hurt, however, to put “my heart wall” in the prayer of intention. What I and many clients find is that the memories do start to come after you’ve been doing the Healing Codes for a while.

Often the memories come only after they’ve healed. If you remember something and there is a perfect peace about it, that’s your heart giving you a piece of your life back, all healed. It was one of the wonderful things I discovered about The Healing Codes that I did not expect.

There is a difference, however, between peace and numbness. If an earlier memory surfaces and you feel numb about it rather than peaceful, that’s a signal it’s a memory that wants to be healed. Put it in the prayer of intention before you do your Healing Code, even if you can’t rate it. Work on it until you feel peace, not numbness.

By the way, a reminder: When doing a Healing Code, make sure you’re picturing something positive, not your issue. You only get in touch with your issue enough to rate it and put it in the initial prayer of intention. Then you switch to focusing on the positive Truth Focus Statements or a Love Picture.

Diane Eble is a Certified Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner and the editor of The Healing Code. If you would like a free copy of her personal Truth Focus Statements in each of the 12 Healing Code categories for your personal use, visit her site at

My Favorite “Love Picture”

One of the most common questions people have concerning doing The Healing Codes is, “What do I focus on while doing a Healing Code?”

The main thing is to focus on something positive to replace the false, negative beliefs and images in the memory you’re trying to heal. . This can be a Truth Focus Statement (suggestions are in the Manual, on the book registration site, and on my site). It can also be a very positive memory you have of a time when you felt loved, secure, peaceful. Or even a memory you make up.

Such a “Love Picture” can promote healing effects. What we’re really trying to do is replace the negative with a positive. Ideally, even if you use a Truth Focus Statement (words), what you want to do is feel the truth of the words.  Dr. Alex Loyd teaches that words are the language of the mind, while images and feelings are the language of the heart. Both the mind and the heart need to be healed.

Positive images can have a very healing effect. Images go deeper, because images are what we had as babies, before we knew words. Using healing images will heal the deeper parts of us.

Here is my favorite Love Picture, which my clients enjoy using as well. I believe it addresses many of the deepest hurts and fears. It speaks to the sense of being insignificant. It speaks to fear. To feeling like “it’s all up to me.” It speaks to insecurity, to feeling unloved, to worry.

If it resonates with you, use it. Let God change it for you. Listen to what he may be saying to you personally. Take it and make it your own:

Picture yourself as a child, crawling up on Jesus’ (or your Heavenly Father’s) lap. He welcomes you, and holds you securely with one arm–his left arm.  With his right arm he is conducting all the affairs of your life and indeed, the whole world, as a conductor would conduct an amazing symphony.

In this picture he is also singing. With you on his lap, he is singing about how much he loves you, how delighted he is with you. He is singing, “You are my beloved son/daughter, with you I am well pleased.” He tells you to rest, since he has done everything that needs to be done. All you have to do is receive all he has for you. He is bursting with joy at all the gifts he has for you..

He also rejoices in his own ability to conduct the affairs of your life and the whole world, how he will make sure everything is OK. Every atom in the universe is subject to him, and he is Love, and wisdom, and he is the mighty warrior who has conquered everything and will one day finish what he started, to make all things new.

He also rejoices in his own ability to conduct the affairs of your life and the whole world, how he will make sure everything is OK. Listen to him singing; feel his love and delight in you, as well as his quiet confidence in his ability to save and to conduct the affairs of the whole universe. From the smallest subatomic particle to the details of your life to whatever it takes to keep the heavenly bodies in place, he is quietly confident in his ability to take care of anything and everything and to work it all into a beautiful harmony.*

*This Love Picture is based on many scriptures, but especially from Hebrews and my favorite verse in the Bible, Zephaniah 3:17.

Diane Eble is a Certified Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner. Visit her site at for her personal Truth Focus Statements based on the Bible.

Creating Love Pictures for Others

In our work as  Healing Codes Coach/Practitioners, we encourage clients to come up with a “love picture” to focus on while doing a Healing Code. A love picture is a memory of a time when they felt very loved and secure.

Sadly, some people have trouble coming up with even one loving memory for a love picture.

A recent conversation with a friend reminded me of the fact that we can help other people heal by creating love pictures for them. Mary told me how she went out to breakfast with a friend the day before. How her friend made her feel so loved. “I went home  and got so much done!” she told me. ” And I didn’t need to use my nebulizer [for asthma] once!”

Interesting, the connection between “feeling so loved” and having a productive and healthy day.

This week, I had an opportunity myself to perhaps create a “love picture” for my daughter. When she went to bed with a queasy stomach, I thought, “Uh-oh.”  Two nights before, I’d been up all night with stomach flu. Now it was her turn.

At 1:30 a.m., I heard her in the bathroom. I got up and went to her. For the next four and a half hours I stayed with her, holding her head as she retched every 15 minutes. She kept saying, “I’m going to die.”

All through the night,  I held her hands or her head, prayed, stole away when she was able to lie down to do some Healing Codes for her. After about 4 hours, she  held my hands tightly and said, “I love you, Mom. I’m sorry I was unsympathetic when you were sick.” Sweet words, especially coming from a teenager! Shortly after that, she was finally able to lie down and sleep.

That night changed something in our relationship. I think she felt in a new way that I love her. The love that her head knew was there, now penetrated deeper into her heart. And into mine, too.

By God’s grace, a miserable experience was transformed into a love picture that perhaps she will cling to someday. When she remembers that night, I hope what will stand out was not the misery, but the memory of someone being with her. And I pray that she will know that Someone who loves her is always with her, sharing every moment, even the most miserable.

What kind of love pictures can you create for someone else today? As a parent, a friend, a partner, we have tremendous power to heal, just with our love.

Diane Eble is a Certified Healing Codes Coach/Practitioner, the author of Abundant Gifts, and the editor of The Healing Code.